Aion Templar Leona

Aion Templar Leona

Leona with the Mastarius Armor one of the most characteristic and beautiful armor in Aion. This skin was made by no other than Synseia. Practically just a skin over the default one doesn’t use any special SFX or particles, but there is custom Splash art for loading screen and champion select.

In case you haven’t installed Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) yet or don’t know how to install skins, check out How To Guide here –

Additional Information

  • Replaces default Leona Skin
  • Includes a Splash Art
  • No Custom SFX / Particles
  • Created by Synseia


skin_1405266614_760px_41583_2.jpg' skin_1405266614_760px_41583_3.jpg'



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  • Capwill Nonyobuzzee

    This skin doesn’t work anymore. It crashes the game when you taunt or joke (ctrl 1 or ctrl 2). This happens with all custom .skn and .skl Leona skins except retextures. I know this because I recently tried to make my own custom Leona skin. To fix this someone needs to make a new leona_joke_60fps.anm and leona_taunt_60fps.anm. I don’t know how to make custom animations, so if anyone resolves this please let me know (

    • the author is like long gone, i doubt she will return back to this stuff