Berserker Yasuo


Berserker Yasuo

Here is something for Fate/Stay Night fans out there or Fate series in general. This is a skin for Yasuo which is based on his PROJECT Skin and it will overwrite it, cannot be used with default yasuo skin sadly, also includes splash art but no icon though. Particles are the same and are not custom, well they pretty much fit the theme well so no need to change them. This skin was created by ImPridestalker and all kudos to him for creating this cool skin.

Edit: Now fixed the ultimate bug

If you haven’t installed custom skins before or don’t have latest Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) version please go here –

Additional Information

  • Created by ImPridestalker
  • Replaces PROJECT Yasuo Skin
  • Includes Custom Splash Art





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  • sheishio

    That glitch ruins it :’O i main Yasuo(dont laugh)

    • Yeah its bit of a boner breaker, but just don’t use ulti 😉

      • ImPrídestalker

        I fixed it! I didnt notice that I didnt have the file in there >< Where can I send you the new file? 🙂

        • If you want to become a permanent artist here (which would be cool) send me your skype name to and i hook you up with access and all that. Or just send me the fixed version.

  • I updated the post and changed site settings that links won’t become pending anymore.

    • sheishio

      Awesome, you guys fixed it <3
      My favorite champion with my favorite skin :O

  • Randomguy

    umm guys , its glitches out with the base skin any ideas ?!

    • Ban yasuo every game

  • Randomguy

    nah for realz this time , the glitch makes the skin look so creepy any suggestions ?!

    • Your not suppose to use it with default yasuo skin, it replaces the project yasuo. Theres no way around this really, unless you do it via MK Jogo and replace default as projekt one

  • RandomGuy

    ok , i get it now .. can someone PLEASE make a High Noon skin ? or at least upload the skin’s sounds cuz its awesome , ty 😀

  • Dawii

    How you did that Soraka Bot staid in that place?