Blue Silver and Gold Debonair Vi


Blue Silver and Gold Debonair Vi

A stylish recolor of the Debonair Vi Skin. Also has its particles colored to fit the silver/gold/blue theme of this skin.
It replaces the Debonair skin (to have its glossy effect). So if you don’t have the riot skin, you will need to use MK Jogo to be able to use this custom skin :
With MK jogo you can play with all riot skins. So to use my custom skin, just choose to play with Debonair Vi thanks to MK jogo and use SIU or Wooxy to install my custom skin.

In case you haven’t installed skins before or having other issues with the skin you can check out the Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) guide from here –

But I personnally think that Wooxy is a better option:

Additional Information

  • Skin created by Salwin
  • Uses the Debonair Vi skin, so you can’t use this skin just by using SIU or Wooxy if you don’t own the riot skin : you need to use MK Jogo too
  • Has some colored particles
  • Recolored Splash art, loadscreen, etc.




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  • Guilherme Reis Castilho

    Sick skin, great job