Category: Announcer Packs


Dunkey Announcer Pack

Dunkey Announcer Pack For those who love VideoGameDunkey i´m here to share a great Announcer pack. I made a new tutorial how to install custom announcer packs, since old ways where rather inconvenient and...


DawnGate King of Masks Announcer Pack

DawnGate King of Masks Announcer Pack This is the King of Masks Announcer from DawnGate. Enjoy one of Dawngate’s finest pack made. Every game becomes an epic struggle of good and evil, full of...


Curator Announcer Pack

Curator Announcer Pack This is the Curator Announcer Pack, which is also known as DawnGate’s default voice pack. Since of sad departure of the game we still could retrieve all the character voice packs...


Korean Caster Announcer Pack

Korean Caster Announcer Pack A New Korean Caster announcer pack to replace the current announcer in League Of Legends. The voices are based on very famous Korean host and caster Jeon Yong Jun. Credits...


Blakinola Announcer Pack

Blakinola Announcer Pack By the courtesy of Mr.Blakinola we probably? have our first real announcer pack at League of Legends. Like skins, its totally legal to use unless Riot makes stand that its not...

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