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League Of Legends Wallpapers

League Of Legends Wallpapers Riot Games have created a new application that lets you get HD League Of Legends Wallpapers from your favorite champions splash arts and other High definition art by Riot Games....


League Of Legends Auto-Level Script

League Of Legends Auto-Level Script Mobaskins always been a modding website for League Of Legends, we have featured Custom Map, Champion, Ward skins here among other 3rd party tools that been helpful and improved...


Free League Of Legends Skins

Free League Of Legends Skins Once again featuring ModSkin Professional tool that lets you use any skin inside League Of Legends for free, remember this is a 3rd party app so there are certain...


Change League Of Legends Messages

Change League Of Legends Messages Its been while since last update, well there isn´t that many 3rd party apps to be honest. However this is a guide how to change league of legends messages...


ModSkinLoL – Free League Skins

ModSkinLoL – Free League Skins Here is another program that lets you access all Riot League of Legends skins for free without having to use any RP whatsoever. As ive explained on the SkinPreview...



Wooxy Welcome to a review out of another 3rd party app, this time we have good alternative to SIU called Wooxy. While it offers similar features to SIU i think it has one feature...


Custom Ward Skins Installer

Custom Ward Skins Installer Now that Mk LoL is out of business lot of people have been searching for new alternative to use for custom skins. SkinPreview seems to be best solution for now...


Frozen Rift

Frozen Rift Frozen Rift is the most massive custom map skin in history of League of Legends. Previously named “Ice Rift”, this map reskin got almost complete texture overhaul as well as some new...


LVOC – LoL VOICE Changer

LVOC – LoL VOICE Changer A League Of Legends program that lets you change champion voices to Korean, Chinese, French, Russian or anything that you like. Without changing the actual client language (Also this...


League Of Legends Replay System

League Of Legends Replay System  The tool automatically searches for “League of Legends.exe”, when found it will extract the data needed in order to begin to start recording the replay.  It also extracts information...


Ice Rift v3 – now with gates!

This is a very small update to Ice Rift map texture overhaul that includes not so many changes, but some of them are based on feedback. For example I could agree that Ice Rift...


Ice Rift v2.0

  After receiving feedback I want to present you Ice Rift v2 – an update that brings better contrast and fixes some texture problems.


Ice Rift v1.0

Ice Rift v1.0 I wanted to create that “winter feeling”, but at same time keep clarity and avoid sharp details. Previous version was designed around ice which was really interesting and fun idea. You...


Ice Rift v0.1

Ice Rift v0.1 Hey League of Legends community. Some days ago CarlozPawNproZ did Winter Summoner’s Rift map reskin, as community requested. I’ve managed to understand how it is “easy” to reskin entire map with...


Winter Summoner’s Rift Map

Winter Summoner’s Rift Map A long time in works a new Summoners Rift Winter map (Since riot don’t want to make one again). There is a a guide for specific installation of the map...


Shrek mod Full version

    Shrek mod Full version Video preview @ Donate to my work so I can make more epic skins for LoL @ Skin made by Carlozpawnproz Like us on Facebook