Category: Xin Zhao Skins


BC Xin Zhao

BC Xin Zhao A New bit of a parody skin for Xin Zhao created by Bar9ain has some cool custom particle stuff going around and troll image on the spear/javelin. In case you haven’t...


Legion Commander Xin Zhao

Legion Commander Xin Zhao Those who remember earlier posted Crystal Maiden Leblanc can rejoice since we got another Dota 2 skin imported by Sutweb2 to League Of Legends as Custom Skin. It doesn’t come...


Cyber Ops Xin Zhao

Cyber Ops Xin Zhao An Amazing Skin for Xin Zhao, Cyber Ops Xin Zhao is based on upcoming Yasuo Skin. Cyber Ops Xin has custom particles to complete its amazing style. You can download...