Classic HUD skins

classic hud skin

Classic HUD skins

First of all I want to warn you that this is not old HUD. Classic HUD skin (where the key word is “skin”) is a small redesign of new updated HUD that was introduced with patch 5.14 into old classic style. Anyone who is familiar with modding may know how many HUD skins we had on old HUD, some of them were official like Shurima, Hexakill or Freljord HUDs. Of course there were unofficial HUD mods featuring other themes like Battlecast (dark red), Challenger (bright golden), Void (Purple) and other skins. With the new HUD I tried and managed to recreate some of these interfaces on the new HUD.


This skin pack features 8 HUD skins, each with unique look and some with tiny special features. Lets take a look at all of them.

  • Bilgwater tint – mostly uses dark scratched/wooden orange colors. Small feature – Bilgewater sign above champion portrait. Main goal of this tint was to create something dirty, dark and not so clean like classic HUD. This tint fits very well with all the Bilgewater champions, and especially fits well with the new Butcher’s Bridge map.
  • Arcade tint – this is actually colorful and rainbow’ish HUD with some interesting features and even easter-egg! One of them – dynamically changing colors for level-up buttons and passive icons. Above champion portrait you may find Final Boss Veigar sign that represents whole line of Arcade skins. And one word about easter egg – this is a small wellknown coin from Mario. Find it! It won’t be hard 🙂
  • Red tint – this is pretty simple recolor of classic golden HUD into dark grey-red color theme. I think this tint will fit really well with many champion skins, like Eternum, Battlecast or Spec-Ops. There are no special features.
  • Freljord tint – winter is back! At least on HUD. This tint is for those who love to play on Howling Abyss or with Freljord/snow/winter themed champions. Core feature is unique design that uses parts from old Freljord HUD.
  • Underworld tint (Silver) – this is pretty simple recolor with silver and cyan color theme. This tint was done specially for those who may like non-agressive colors with silver/grey as core. Animations have default cyan/green color.
  • Void tint – another standard recolor that features purple and pink as main color. No special features.
  • Underworld tint (Green) – unlike silver tint above this one uses pretty unique design. Anyone remember Hexakill featured game mode? Here it is. On same level as Freljord HUD this tint features Hexakill HUD from Twisted Treeline map. Main color of HUD and animations is green.
  • Golden tint – nothing to say. This is a recreation of old League of Legends HUD with all the original colors and design elements. As I said above I can not fully bring back old HUD, also I want to say that I really enjoy the new one. So this tint just brings back some old and nostalgic look to new interface.

Also I made some general changes that are included in all tints.

  • Some stats now have old icons. Not all stats but only those that we had before HUD update.
  • Camera lock and Settings buttons near minimap are invisible now but still can be pressed if you mouseover them. I removed them because I think they don’t fit with the design of whole HUD. Also half of settings button was covered by new minimap border.
  • Old shop button – why not?
  • Another small change – more clear circle indicator (under portrait) for levels. I removed inner circle so levels above 10 now are easier to read.
  • A very small aesthetic change with nostalgic vibe in it – CS icon is purple now.
  • Level-up circles under abilities were replaced with more clear and readable squares.
  • Ability borders are darker now.
  • OOM (Out of Mana) color now is dark-blue.
  • Coldown color is more different from OOM and fits with every tint color theme.
  • Health and resource bars now are more smooth and less noisy, also no more “2 bars – same background” effect.
  • And the last small change – I removed background shadow from ally teammate icons above minimap. Reason behind this background removal is simple – it looked strange for me, why enemy team had no shadow under their portraits while our team had?


  • 24.07.2015
    • EXP bar recolored from purple to orange, like on old HUD
    • CS / KDA / VS-Kills background above minimap is darker
    • Mute and DJ Sona music icons were fixed and are visible now again
    • Minor color adjustments to all Classic HUD tints
    • Square borders for stats icons were removed
    • Ability level blocks (under ability) now are a lot more readable (especially on low scales)
  • 25.07.2015
    • Ping indicator (top right corner) now is a lot more clear and brighter
    • Square borders for active items are visible now again. Their color changes depending on tint (golden for classic golden tint)
    • Positive and negative passives and icons now again have blue/red borders
    • Ally ultimate timers are slighty brighter now. “Ult ready” indicator is also more readable (less glass effect)
    • Scoreboard blue-red background is slighty more colored now
    • Scoreboard middle-line divider is now 100% in the middle. In original HUD it shifted to the blue side.
    • Scoreboard portrait borders are darker to decrease detail clutter of the whole window
    • Level-up blocks under abilities are less bright across all tints
    • Icons above minimap are normalized across all tints
  • 28.07.2015
    • Experience (EXP) bar color now fits with average color theme. I.e. green for Arcade, purple for Void, etc.
    • Minor color adjustments across all tints.
    • New health/resource bars design with abstract lines as background.
    • New design of death recap window that fits with each of 8 themes.
    • All 7 tints got replaced gold icon in Item Shop window. 8th one (Arcade) got a special one – Mario Coin.
    • Options / Item Shop / Surrender / Alert windows got semi-recolor to fit HUD theme. It is impossible to fully recolor them since some colors are determined by RGB numbers and not by textures.
    • Surrender vote now appears higher so it not covers ally and enemy champion icons.

Screenshots from latest update




  1. If you don’t have Wooxy, get it
  2. Download archive with eight Classic HUD tints and unpack it.
  3. Choose what tint you want to use then select needed wxy-file.
  4. In Wooxy go to Skins and drag-n-drop selected wxy-file to Wooxy window.
    Or click Add package and select wxy-file.
  5. Select imported skin and Install it.
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