Cloud 9 Ezreal

Cloud 9 Ezreal

Who isn’t a fan of North American power house brand Cloud 9? Anyhow our great artist Hoogy has taken some of his time to create homage for C9 Sneaky to make this Ezreal skin. It doesn’t have any special effects or particles on it so you don’t have to worry about overlapping with other skins or effects. However it uses TPA Ezreal skin as base and it won’t work with normal Ezreal for that particular reason.

Please check out also C9 Zed Skin here, also created by Hoogy –

In case you haven’t installed Custom skins before or you haven’t downloaded the latest Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU), please do look out our guide page how to do so –

Additional Information

  • Skin Created by Hoogy
  • Doesn’t use any custom particles or effects
  • You require the TPA Ezreal skin as base to use this one


C9 Esa


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