Cloud 9 Rumble

Cloud 9 Rumble

Even though Cloud 9 had bit bad run in the Competitive scene they still have one of the biggest fan bases out there. Hoogy has created previously Cloud 9 Ezreal and Zed skins, which are pretty  cool too in my opinion.  Now however we got another addition to the family of Cloud 9, this Rumble has lot of special stuff going for it such as slight edit to splash art with Cloud 9 logo on it plus all the fire particles in the default skin have been turned to blue match the actual skin, it will replace the default skin so you don’t need to have Super galaxy rumble.

In case you haven’t installed skins before or having other issues with the skin you can check out the Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) guide from here –

Additional Information

  • Created by Hoogy
  • Replaces defualt Rumble Skin
  • Includes custom splash art
  • Contains Custom Blue Particles on all Abilities




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  • Hoogy

    Little misinformation in the description, you actually need the Super Galaxy Rumble skin in order to use it. I tried making in compatible without but the skin is too different to get it to work. Maybe somebody more skilled than myself can get it to work.

    • I actually got it working on default one, for some odd reason. Would you be interested becoming a skin artist at our website? So you can post your own stuff?

      • mike

        How did you manage that? I installed this and I still have the default skin but with blue flames.

        Also got this

        Error: rumble_skin03_r_flames_01

        Error: rumble_skin03_r_flames_02

      • Armageddon Gurr

        If u did get it working plz tell me what u did.

        • Possibility that not compatible with new patches.

          • Mateus Goulart Dly

            This work in default skin?

          • try and see