Curator Announcer Pack

Curator Announcer Pack

This is the Curator Announcer Pack, which is also known as DawnGate’s default voice pack. Since of sad departure of the game we still could retrieve all the character voice packs from it and convert them to League Of Legends at some stage we are able to create all DawnGate voicepacks inside of League. All Credits of creation will go to Aksine12

Installation Instructions
1. Download down below
2. C (or whatever drive your league client is in):\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client_en_us\managedfiles\\DATA\Sounds\Wwise\VO\en_US\Shared EUW: League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client_en_gb\managedfiles\\DATA\Sounds\Wwise\VO\en_US\Shared

  1. Rename “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio.wpk” to “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio_old.wpk”
  2. Put the downloaded file in the directory
  3. Start League, and enjoy

Mac Installation
1. Right click LoL Client
2. Show Package Contents
3. Continue from step 2 of Windows Installation



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  • Дмитрий

    Not need to post such complex instructions with renaming files and etc stuff. Just drag-n-move announcer pack file to SIU window and it will create backup automatically.

    • This does work too, but in some cases if you are from certain region there are sometimes issue getting it working, if you don’t throw it on each box.

  • CoonGate

    Please can you make Ronan next?

    • Aksine12 is working on all of them, expect to have them all released in some stage.

  • MaXi

    will be trick2g in HD quality?

    • We had to take the whole thing out, due to request of his managers. They pretty much going to take legal action otherwise. You can find the pack if you browse reddit maybe, but we are not able to distribute it anymore.

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