Cyber Ninja Lucian



  • New particles, spell icons, model, textures and loading screen
  • Created by Crauzer

Author’s Notes

Sup, Crauzer here again with a new skin. This time I went with a new theme – Darkish Blue-Purple

If you are wondering why some of the particles are a little bit orange, It is because I couldn’t find them in the game files

Download Link – Cyber Ninja Lucian for Project Skin

Download Link – Cyber Ninja Lucian for Base Skin

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Hello, My name is Crauzer. Im from Slovakia. And I have 13 years. I started creating skins 1 year ago. I want to improve my skills by creating awesome skins for you and I hope in the future I will start doing remodels and other cool stuff

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  • mckison

    hey me ..china people,.and this one..tron fiora i don’t know why..i can down..thanks.and now. i hold i can down this one …my english is so bad.. hold you got it,, thank you very much..

    • Filip Crauzer Quitko

      I updated the post, you should be able to download now

      • mckison

        Can you have this skin file to be stored in a zip or rar? please…

      • mckison

        Can you have this skin file to be stored in a zip or rar for

        Cyber Ops Sivir


      • mckison

        yo,what’s up me.. chinese people..i hope you can use zip or rar file mode send mail to me..i really you can complete my by cyber ops sivir this file..or you can teach me how open to wxy file … or: thanks.. i will alway wait for you.

  • mckison

    I love you..

  • Seiryuu

    Why is it when I download the skin they say there’s corruption in the files

  • your mom

    n1 custom skin website , has 3 lucian skins , lmao, go fuck yourselves.