DawnGate King of Masks Announcer Pack

DawnGate King of Masks Announcer Pack

This is the King of Masks Announcer from DawnGate. Enjoy one of Dawngate’s finest pack made. Every game becomes an epic struggle of good and evil, full of twists!, shocking reversals!, and valiant deeds! When the King of Masks provides narration in his own unique idiom. Seek his counsel, and revel in the many, many exclamation points.

Also check out the Curator (Original) DawnGate Announcer pack herehttp://mobaskins.com/curator-announcer-pack/

Credits to Waystone Games.

Installation Instructions
1. Download down below
2. C (or whatever drive your league client is in):\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client_en_us\managedfiles\\DATA\Sounds\Wwise\VO\en_US\Shared EUW: League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client_en_gb\managedfiles\\DATA\Sounds\Wwise\VO\en_US\Shared

  1. Rename “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio.wpk” to “Announcer_Global_Female1_VO_audio_old.wpk”
  2. Put the downloaded file in the directory
  3. Start League, and enjoy

Mac Installation
1. Right click LoL Client
2. Show Package Contents
3. Continue from step 2 of Windows Installation


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  • Jakob Leimgruber

    theres no shared file only characters

  • Roman Rinaldi

    DawnGate WAS SUCH A GREAT GAME !!!
    wish Riot bought the ideas and apply them into LOL.

    • They already stole the ward mechanic