Dunkey Announcer Pack

Dunkey Announcer Pack

For those who love VideoGameDunkey i´m here to share a great Announcer pack. I made a new tutorial how to install custom announcer packs, since old ways where rather inconvenient and most people ran into multiple issues trying to install them. To see more of our voice packs head to the main category. Credits for this Voicepack shall go to AnnouncerMods for this one.

How To Install The Voicepack?

  1. First you have to download the LVOC and you need something that can unzip files like 7zip or winrar
  2. Put LVOC folder in convenient place and run the program (LVOC application)
  3. Tell the program where your League of legends is installed, usually its (C:) drive
  4. After this choose the 3rd tab and upload the wpk file by dragging it and click install
  5. Then run your League Of Legends and go test it on a custom game
  6. If it won´t work and mutes all announcer audio then go to help tab and choose “Clear local data” this is usually best work around solving the issue

Few of the announcer packs on our website may not work, due to riots patching or perhaps the program is malfunctioning. The support email for this program is lexwah.dev@gmail.com and address him the issues you have and you can do this via the LVOC client which i prefer doing, since you can attach log files. Sometimes the League will start to repair itself and change the announcer back to normal – this is rather normal for many types of 3rd party apps. 



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