Esdeath Fiora

Esdeath Fiora

Esdeath is a character from recently/new anime called Akame ga Kill. Includes lot of cool particles and effects, which make this skin really cool also i want to credit Shunfeng for making this well made skin.

If you haven’t installed Custom Skins before please go to this article for more information how to –

Additional Information

  • Created by ShunFeng 
  • Includes Particles & effects
  • Replaces Default Fiora Skin





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  • SaberIsBae

    Would it be possible to have this skin be fixed to work with the updated Fiora? I really like the skin and it’d be a shame if I could never use it again. I don’t know how to contact the creator though. Can you help? Thanks!

    • Chinese skin creator most likely, very hard to get back to him.

    • Alexis Martinez

      Same for me, this skin is a divine gift, I love Fiora, I love Esdeath, I can’t play without it

  • Capwill Nonyobuzzee

    i can edit this skin to be updated with the new fiora .skl but i wouldnt be able to edit the particles. im currently workin on other projects though… maybe in 1-2 weeks i could

    • Stanley Sieghart

      Where can I find the updated version?