Fiora – Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)

ivy v1

Fiora – Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)

I really like the concept of this epic skin. I played Soul Calibur many times and I think this skins fits her very nicely. Model taken was Isabella “Ivy” Valentine from Soul calibur IV.

If you haven’t installed custom skins before or don’t have latest Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) version please go here –

Additional Information

  • Originally created by molestedhandrail. Fixed by Adaam4595.
  • Remodel. Replaces Default Fiora Skin.
  • Includes some animations, icons, 2 loadscreens, splash art, in-game portraits and particles.


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  • Caio Victor

    Loved it! Thanks!

  • makeshiftpanda

    This is bugged, The Fiora.skn file causes legs to levitate upon stopping after a run. in-game fix would be taunt 2 and 4 or waiting for fiora to do afk stance, but problem still persists. Need assistance on the fiora.skn file to not screw up legs.

    • All the skins which were released prior to revamp are now bugged.

      • makeshiftpanda

        ahhh thank you