Forsaken Ekko Skin & Sandstorm Ekko Icons


This is a very simple recolor which was inspired by latest Jayce skin – Forsaken Jayce, featuring dark red and blue particles. Same color scheme used for Creator Viktor. And now I’m trying to do something similar looking for newly created champion Ekko. His base skin is mostly cyan and green, while his first skin is about sand, gold and yellow colors (almost like Azir). So in contrast to these two skins you can try another one, which uses mostly red particles and sometimes purple, so it is not so monocolored. Remember blue speeding gates for Jayce? Same idea here. If you have any nice ideas on Ekko reskins, post them in comments!

Skin Preview


Installation & download

  1. Download Wooxy.
  2. Download Forsaken Ekko.
  3. In Wooxy go to Skins -> Import skin.
  4. Drag-n-drop downloaded wxy-file to window.
  5. Select imported skin and Install it.

Sandstorm Ekko Icons


This is a very small quality-of-life mod, that replaces ingame portrait, minimap icon and ability icons to match golden-sand theme of Sandstorm Ekko skin. As you can see it is not just a recolor, some parts have been changed slighty, like original portrait adopted into Sandstorm skin with the mask and golden light, also icons were changed too: Illuminati-triangle under W-bubble, mask on E and R faces, and not-so-monocolored recolor of other icons, featuring orange and golden colors.

Installation & download

  1. Download Wooxy
  2. Download Sandstorm Ekko Icons
  3. In Wooxy go to Skins -> Import skin.
  4. Drag-n-drop downloaded wxy-file to window.
  5. Select imported skin and Install it.

Reminder! Both skins can only be installed separately! It means you can have only one of two skins above: Forsaken Ekko skin or Sandstorm Ekko Icons.


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  • Awareqwx

    Which files did you recolor the Forsaken Ekko skin and what program did you use to do it?

    • Existor

      I tried to recolor every file that Ekko had in his folder (dds textures). I used Wooxy to extract files and pack it into package

      • Awareqwx

        Thanks for the info! Sorry, but I actually meant which program to actually recolor the files themselves

        • mrjoejoe

          I personally use Photoshop but I think you can also use Gimp or Paint

  • Racno

    I rly like ur skin man, but I had to remove ur comment from my video. You shouldn’t spam your skin under someone else’s video, you didn’t even leave a like :/. Sorry about that. By the way it’s a really nice skin you don’t need to spam it, I personally recommend it cause you did an awesome work 🙂

    • Existor

      Um it wasn’t spam, just one comment to prevent making red skin when there is already one. Oh sorry about like. Added it now 😀

  • Nice stuff as always

  • rocketmail410

    Is there a file for SIU instead of wooxy?

  • awesome skin

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