Free League Of Legends Skins

Free League Of Legends Skins

Once again featuring ModSkin Professional tool that lets you use any skin inside League Of Legends for free, remember this is a 3rd party app so there are certain risks using it if Riot Games decides to change their terms of service again. This new feature that the author added to the tool is that you are now able to change skins for enemy team and allied team, if there is certain annoying skins which projectiles you can’t see due to being colorblind or other eye impairment this might be a good fix for you.


  • Use pre-installed custom skins
  • Change ward skins
  • Install Custom Hub Overlays
  • Listen music with the tool
  • Ability to change messages inside the game (Kills, Victory, Defeat etc.)
  • Use skins for own team and enemy team

The tool is half in English and other part is in Vietnamese put simply just clicking stuff usually gets the stuff done however. The Program updates itself when opened, so you are not required to download it physically from the website every time. Hopefully it will get full English version at one point, so people are able to understand make it function properly, for the most part you can run the program on the background and it will still apply the skins in effect.

If you have any technical questions or bug reports please send them to – we here at MobaSkins just post programs and skins, we are not part of any development of any shown/posted apps on the site.

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