Ice Rift v0.1

Ice Rift v0.1

Hey League of Legends community. Some days ago CarlozPawNproZ did Winter Summoner’s Rift map reskin, as community requested. I’ve managed to understand how it is “easy” to reskin entire map with all the objects, doodads and textures.

The difference from CarlozPawNproZ’s version is different way of creating “winter feeling”. There are tons of high resolution textures, sometimes it wasn’t enought to just recolor them to blue color and name it “Winter Map”, because at some places there is grass, green leaves of trees and other nature stuff. Thats why I designed it around ice for ground texture. You will still see grass and stones on the ground, but everything now is covered with ice. I think, it creates interesting and funny feeling of skating-rink. While the doodads, stones and trees were manually covered with snow. It took some days to “winterize” all textures, and some days for polishing. What about average brightness – it’s not that bright, but brighter than default Summoner’s Rift.

This map reskin is still work in progress: bushes are still green, and I don’t know how to recolor lily on river. What about poros instead of small animals and Dragon – I don’t have knowlege in 3D modelling, but I think it’s really great idea. If I find someone who can help me with that, then it will be possible to replace more. For same reasons I don’t know how to properly replace green bush, but I know that it’s better to use the ones from Howling abyss. Sadly I haven’t managed to find needed model files, so if anyone helps me with that, I’ll replace it immediately.

If you haven’t installed custom skins before or don’t have latest Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) please go here –

Additional Information

  • This map reskin contains 200+ files.
  • This is a first version of Ice Rift map reskin. It will be updated in the near future.
  • Inspiration: Dawn of War 2 – Chaos Rising maps, CarlozPawNproZ ice idea.
  • Only works on Very High textures.



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  • People who are worrying about the Green brushes this is something that will be addressed in future versions

  • Brian

    Hey. I love the Idea. I have downloaded it en followed all the steps. Yet when I start sums rift, I see minions, turrets and shop in winter style, but especially the ground is NOT winter form. It is still green like in the normal rift. Any1 has this too or knows how to fix it??

    • Дмитрий

      Re-read additional information. Red text 😉

  • Brian


    Pls help mee!! I love the idea

  • Ata

    How to install it ?