Ice Rift v2.0


After receiving feedback I want to present you Ice Rift v2 – an update that brings better contrast and fixes some texture problems.

You may be surprised by such quick update, but I decided to not waste time and release Ice Rift v2 with some adjustments and changes based on your feedback. I’m glad that you enjoyed winterized Summoner’s Rift and hope you will enjoy it even more with the latest version. You always can review previous version by visiting following link.


  • Clarity. Average map brightness tuned down a bit, dark areas are brighter, resulting in less contrast picture which is easier for eyes. Also, ground texture now is slighty blue. Remember good old winter Summoner’s Rift?
  • Water. River is completely frozen now. All the water effects have been removed. Even water splashes from walking.
  • Jungle details. Every jungle object: trees, walls, castles, flowers, etc is sharper now, resulting in more detalized picture and less blurry.
  • Low and Medium. Previous version had some bugs with low and medium textures. Now it’s fixed. All textures now have their 2x and 4x copies, which means that Ice Rift now correctly works on Low and Medium graphic settings. Because of that, Ice Rift now contains 444 files.
  • Camps and buildings. Every camp and building color theme have been readjusted. Now camps and buildings (Nexus, Inhibitors, Towers) fit into map theme even better.
  • Freljord HUD. As the Snowdown Showdown event ended, frozen Freljord HUD has been reverted back to default League of Legends HUD. Second version of Ice Rift brings it back.

Ways to install

How to download and install

In SIU or Wooxy as Custom skin

  1. Download 7z archive from MEGA. You may find link in the article
  2. Drag-n-move it onto SIU window or Wooxy “Add skin” window, i.e. INSTALL SKIN -> CUSTOM SKINS -> ADD SKIN.
    If it doesn’t works, then extract all the files and drag-n-move extracted files.
  3. Click to Install

In Wooxy with downloading from server

  1. Select INSTALL SKIN
  2. skins
  3. Select Ice Rift and then More Information button
  4. Download and install
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  • Piece of Sheet

    Works well and was easy to install with Wooxy. Thanks!

  • Piece of Sheet

    It broke on patch 5.1 🙁 Any updates?

    • Existor will update it at some stage yes, when is that we don’t know. It’s quite unfortunate situation for him since he patched it so many times, but rito just kept changing lot of stuff recently.
      Might have to wait until 5.2 with the base update thats in PBE.

  • KissMuhCass

    Working for me on 5.2 LAN server. I installed with Wooxy (installs skins VERY easily so far) and played a couple of games with a bunch of different champions and varying settings.

    Also, I really appreciate the lower brightness/contrast and I immediately noticed the improvement around the Nexus areas (compared to v1.0). because spells effects are a lot easier to see now.

    Thanks for all your hard work Existor 🙂

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