Ice Rift v3 – now with gates!


This is a very small update to Ice Rift map texture overhaul that includes not so many changes, but some of them are based on feedback. For example I could agree that Ice Rift was pretty grey, while we had so colorful and interesting champions. Feel free to check article about previous version (with screenshots, video and development story).


  • Winter gates. Previous version of Ice Rift had some texture bugs with ground terrain under those gates. It’s fixed now.
  • Colorful rift. After many games on this map I may agree that jungle was very grey and not so colorful. Ice Rift v3 is 25% more saturated.
  • Accurate minimap. Minimap was updated also with inbase gates indication.
  • Less contrast. Ground terrain now is slighty readjusted – it’s now slighty less contrast (i.e. dark parts are brighter, some bright parts are darker).



  1. Download Wooxy – an alternate skin installer that does not replaces ingame files but just adds new ones. Installation is really fast, the only downside can be your download speed.
  3. Select skins
  4. Find Ice Rift map skin and click MORE INFORMATION
  5. Download the map skin from Wooxy server and install in one second.
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  • Great to see working version of Ice Rift! 🙂

  • Gelross Garcia

    how can we use this if we are playing on garena? wooxy doesnt work 🙁 thank you

  • Manny

    this doesn’t work. -_- tried it yesterday.. NA west. Someone tell me how to make it work..

  • Roberto Morales Vega

    Still working ? I want to download it but i wont know if it still works.

  • Danny Low

    fuck wooxy this shit,doesnt support garena…

  • How to download that? :