Ice Rift v1.0

Ice Rift v1.0

I wanted to create that “winter feeling”, but at same time keep clarity and avoid sharp details. Previous version was designed around ice which was really interesting and fun idea. You still were able to see original map textures, grass, flowers and stones on the ground, but everything was covered with ice. It created interesting and funny feeling of glass skating-rink. But it messed up with river textures, because river was frozen too. Also I wanted to find a way to bring back old winter Summoner’s Rift… in some form. Unlike previous version, this one is fully covered with snow except river which is still frozen with nice ice texture.

Someone of you may say that quality of snow on stones and trees isn’t that good, that it’s blurry and doesn’t fits with original quality. I’ve tried to reproduce winter style from old SR map. It looked nice, but I decided to keep this version of snow just because it wasn’t so cluttered and overloaded with sharp details. After all, the main goal was to create winter feeling.

Another important moment was bushes (or brushes) and some problems with their colors. Thanks to Salwin’s help I’ve managed to fix bush colors and make them fit with winter theme.

I saw some requests to differentiate jungle quadrants to make them more unique. Each quadrant is slighty colored. North quadrant is slighty red, south – orange, east – blue, and west – purple.

Also unlike in previous version, here you will not see all of the river particles – green lilys and waterfalls were turned off. Thanks to Chewy with helping at particles removal.

Jungle camps and small creatures models remain unchanged, but their colors are adjusted to fit with winter theme. Doodads, stones and trees were manually covered with snow. It took some days to “winterize” everything, and some weeks for polishing. What about average brightness – it’s not that bright, but brighter than default Summoner’s Rift.

Ice Rift contains almost 400 files, including low and medium quality textures (which are 2x and 4x times smaller in file size). You can install Ice Rift skin with two ways: Wooxy or SIU. Want to note that there was an update that improves average feeling of winter and fixes textures and other stuff based on community feedback. You can visit article about Ice Rift v2 here.


Visit update article about Ice Rift v2 with download links,
changes from v1 to v2 and new screenshots.




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  • giandiablo33

    all links are down

    • Existor


      • Practically you could break it down to several 50mb parts and upload them here, for emergency.

  • Akiba

    Downloading through the external links as the current Wooxy one is incomplete. Keep having a problem where only part of the textures are put into the Rift, walls around mid land and the furthest hills in the top left corner are staying the same. Any ideas?

    • Akiba

      Fixed, anyone wondering and lower quality than max removes some textures all together. New problem however! Some small brushes and other textures are out of mesh, outlined or blurred, despite all settings maxed, again.. Any ideas?

      • Existor

        Can you post screenshot of your problem?

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