Installing Custom Skins

Installing Custom Skins

You can download the latest version of Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) from their official website or find it from the bottom of this post, it automatically updates itself so you can get either one if you wish.

  •  Step 1 : Once you have Skin Installer Ultimate install create a new folder on your desktop, Open the downloaded file, Select everything in that folder (Ctrl + a), then drag and drop into the newly created folder on your desktop.Step 2: Open “SkinInstallerUltimate.exe” Once you open this it’s going to ask you to find your lol.launcher.exe which is located in your Leagueoflegends folder.Now you have your Skin installer installed and ready to install skins. It should now look like this.
  • .DDS/SIU Settings Fix for after the 3.12 Update. (you need to follow this)

    This is just a quick guide on how to fix your skins and get them running in game.

    Below are pictures of how to save the .dds and how to change the settings of SIU, feel free to share anything you find and any issues and we might discover more as a community!

  • Download/Installing Your Custom Skin

    Step 1: Find a skin you would like to use. Once you find a skin you desire download and move the folder onto your desktop. After moving your skin open your Skin Installer Ultimate client, On the ==Add New Skin== tab click the button add Files then find the folder you download, select it and hit open.

    Step 2: Once you have added the files click the button “Add to DataBase” It’s going to ask you to name the skin this can be anything you choose “Hit Okay/Yes for anything that pops up“. After this should move you to the ==Install Existing Skin== Tab where you skin will be displayed. Click the checkbox next to the skin icon.

    Step 3: Click install, it’s going to ask you about Install Preferences don’t change anything just hit save. After setting up your Install Preferences it’s going to ask what model do you want to replace, always check Default then click done.

    Now your Custom skin is ready to go and should appear in your next game enjoy.

  • How to Uninstall Custom Skins

    Are you tired of a custom skin you installed well this is how you get rid of it.

    Step 1: Go into the ==Install Existing Skin== tab and find the skin you wanna get rid of. Once found Check the box next to the champions icon.

    Step 2: Once the skin or skins you wanna unintall are checked click the unintall button at the bottom. Notice how the skin still stays there after uninstalling this is just incase you wanna re-install it in the future. Your Client should look like this “Should say No under the Installed subject.”.

    Step 3: You wanna delete the skin for ever sure just check the box next the the champion Icon one last time then hit delete. Now the skin is deleted and wont appear in the list.

  • Skin Is not Working, its broken

    Everything is broken, My custom skin is f*cked and it has broken everything about the game. Heres a few solutions for fixing any of these problems.

    Step 1: In the skin Installer Client under the ==Install Existing Skin== tab find the skin that broke everything and check the box next to the champions icon. 

    Step 2: Once selected click the Fix Skin (Re-path) Button. This will Unintall the skin you have selected and fix all of it’s path hopefully fixing the problem.


    Solution 2

    If the first Solution did not fix the problem this will forsure fix it.

    Step 1: Open your league of legends client, click the Gear Icon at the top right of the client. Once clciked you will see an options window click repair and then yes. This basiclly goes through all of your league of legends files to make sure none of them are corrupted or messed up.

    Note this will take a very long time but your problem will be fixed.


  • How to Install Riot Skins

    Wanna learn how to download skins that riot has made? Here is a quick guide to teach you how.

    Step 1: Open your Skin Installer and go to the ==Skin Creation== tab.

    Step 2: In the Model Folder find the Riot Skin you wanna install. For instance I want to use Pilt over Customs Blitzcrank so my selection should look like this.

    Step 3: Before Exporting this skin make a folder on your desktop called “Blitzcrank skin*Or whatever you would like*” Once created Hit the Export Checked files to computer Directory button and find the LoL Skins Folder located on your desktop. If you have done this correctly it should look like this.

    Step 4: Once you have Exported the skin you want you are going to have to Zip up the file now. To do that you must right click the folder you exported the skin to go to send to and then you will see compressed (Zipped) Folder. This will create another folder on your desktop.

    Step 5: Now that you have Zipped your skin in a folder you are going to wanna add it to the skin database using the LoL Skin Installer program.  While on the ==Add New Skin== Tab click Add Files and find the folder you Zipped on your desktop. Once selected hit Add to Database and name it whatever you would like. This should bring you to the ==Install Existing Skin== tab.

    Step 6: Once you made it here Check the box next to the champion icon and then click install. Make sure once you get to the Skin Character Selection Option window that you select the Default Option. 


    Now Hit done and your Official Riot Skin should appear in your next game.

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