IronMan Ezreal

IronMan Ezreal

Play as Tony stark “IronMan skin” From The Marvel Universe Movie Called IronMan. There are other variations of this skin which you may download from Carloz Youtube channel – This Ironman Ezreal skin has lot of good custom SFX/Particles that make the skin look really cool.

In case you haven’t download skins before you can download Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) plus our guide how to install skins here –

Additional Information

  • Created by Carloz PawNproZ
  • Uses custom SFX/particles
  • Replaces default Ezreal Skin




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  • Mr Punchy

    When i download and install this, the custom skin is all blue. Any help?

  • warrdjy

    I’ve found 3 small Default on this skin:
    -When we does a Q or W, the basic ezreal’s weapon appear under iron man ez,
    -This skin is beautiful but he is small like a minnions :S,
    -When we Auto attack , ezreal freeze
    But He is very nice , ty for upload