Kaneki Ken Ezreal

Kaneki Ken Ezreal

Tokyo Ghoul is probably among best Anime in 2014 so it was about time we got Kaneki Ken in the game. It’s based on Ezreal which is somewhat of a controversial choice, could have worked as Ahri really well actually. There is some cool red SFX in the all 4 skills and auto attacks among with new fancy splash art + champion icon inside the game. Current author is nowhere to be known at the moment.

If you haven’t installed custom skins before or don’t have latest Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) version please go here – http://mobaskins.com/installing-custom-skins/

Additional Information

  • Created by Unknown
  • Replaces Default Ezreal & Nottingham Ezreal
  • Includes cool looking Red SFX
  • Also Champion Icon & Splash Art





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  • Yoman

    Erm hi , how do you change the base of the skin? like from normal ezreal to soccer ezreal as base

  • Yoman

    I tried changing the skl and skn file but it was really screwed up

  • Dark Master

    I would say ahri would probably have a better look becuase of the moving tales ;3

    • There is other one coming soon based on Yasuo. But yeah ahri makes sense

      • Dark Master

        Hey keep up the great skins man there amazing O.O

  • Django

    Loading Screen + Ingame everything is blue for me (Im blue dabedibadei) Welp :'(
    Got the same problem with Cyber Riven and SAO Caitlyn. Goku Lee, Anime Jinx and Blood Kennen work fine. Any suggestions? (Re-added and re-installed them about 3 times already)

    • There is a button in SIU that fixes blue stuff, you should use that to get solution done

  • Thomas Dias da Costa

    taric says: gems.