King Varian Wrynn Garen V.1

King Varian Wrynn (V.1)

 King Varian Wrynn Garen

Hello everyone say hello (again) to Garian. I played Wow once and I really liked that Varian model it is really nicely done so I wanted to put it in LOL . This is just version 1 . This Version includes:
-new W practicle and texture change on W
-complete new model from WOW
-face icons

In case you haven’t installed skins before or having other issues with the skin you can check out the Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) guide from here –

Additional Information

  • Replaces Default Garen Skin
  • Custom Particles Included
  • Created by Saferi4







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  • qiang wang

    can you tell me what your blender’s version is? i also want to make a skin,and i do not know what plug-in is needed,can you tell me?thank you

    • Steel Legion Garen

      blender hmmmm. I use blender only for making the skin (3d model) I use maya autodesk to get the skin and export it to obj file . And then I import it into blender :D. Here is a tutorial on how youre model should be done :D. There are allot of thing you need to learn if you dont know in modeling in 3d , even new things that you didnt know that had to be done :P. So yea you will find allot of gaps in youre path while 3d modeling (if you are a begginer 🙁 ) sry but if you have any qeustions any problem modeling just say it and I will help :D. This is the video on how to replace the model to league of legends 😀

      . Now let me just say wut you will need 😀 (if you dont know) : First of all when making a skin make the position to be the same as some champions skl. (file) position like if garens skeleton is like one arm is up another is alittle down you will need to make youre 3d model lik that one arm up one allitle down :P. If Garens cape is like straigh in front for the skl soo should be youre skin 😛 . I hope this makes sense ;D. To do soo just import the skl. and skn. for a random champion and see what I am trying to say 😀 .

      • qiang wang

        thank you very much,i have learned a lot,do you have the plug-in for maya2014?

        • Steel Legion Garen

          yea I have the plugin go to and in the description there is a plugin for “direct 2013 maya ” download that or the 2014 one I dont use the 2014 one though soo I dont know if it will work 😀

          • qiang wang

            Thank you very much, I get it. But results are not what I have thought, maya2014 can not import such new skins,(.skn)file can not be read,such as kalista,yasuo…So I think maya2015 can do this, I have found where can get plugin for maya2015,here is the link:
            but I can not register and if you can get it ,I think the plugin will help you a lot ,because new skins will only can be imported to maya2015,and I want to make a skin for kalista and other new heros, so, if you can get the plugin and share it to me,I will thank you very much,if you can not get it ,I also thank you for telling me so much.

          • Steel Legion Garen

            Sry dude but I think the problem is the plug-in not the Maya version no mather what maya version it is its still the same plug-in . for now we will maybe need to wait for some one to start working on it again 😛 ( I cant register it tells me to donate to do so :P, I dont think on donating on a web site that I wont use 😛 )

          • Steel Legion Garen

            never mind I found out how to open most of the files you need to buy or download a demo of this program called ultimate unwrap 3d and with it there is a plugin down in the dowanlod tab 😀

          • qiang wang

            Thank you very much,your information is very helpful,but,mmmm,the ultimate unwrap 3d is so expensive,and maybe I will get up.

  • This is freaking cool