League Of Legends Replay System

League Of Legends Replay System

 The tool automatically searches for “League of Legends.exe”, when found it will extract the data needed in order to begin to start recording the replay.  It also extracts information from the Air Client in order to get the Encryption Key for the Replay.

  • The program needs .NET Framework 4.0 to run correctly.
  • When you minimize the program it will minimize to tray.
  • To playback a replay you need to set the Game Path in Settings by locating “lol.launcher.exe”.
  • If the game is ran with Admin then the tool needs to be ran as Admin.
  • Record Spectate – Option will record games you spectate, this option is seriously broken at times.


auto camera

League Camera

League Camera is a new camera tool developed solely by SkinSpotlights, its free to use and public for all to consume. The software is always online, therefore if you can’t connect to the servers which it talks to the tool will close itself down. The tool can only be used within Spectator Mode due to the request of Riot.

Important Note:
Not reading up on features and reporting “bugs” which don’t exist and are mentioned somewhere on this page may potentially get you blocked.

Known Bugs:

  • Sky Control Option does not work with LoLReplay – Not my end, go harass the LoLReplay Developer and tell him to stop detouring the DirectX Clear Function.
  • Camera Rotation not clamped between 0~360, you can “over rotate” so if your automated camera spins around multiple times then you’ve over rotated.
    UI Locks up for 2 seconds or so when it finds the game, probably won’t ever be fixed nor is it much of a problem.
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  • Trickster

    If i change to FPS i ”spawn” under the map and cant move.
    Help me please
    But great work with the replay system LOL Replay never worked for me and had bugs this tool is great
    btw. keep up the good work the website is amazing already used over 10 custom skins there are just the best from the best xD

    • Sadly im not expert on this program, you should ask advice from SkinSpotlights the owner of the program.