League Of Legends Skins For Free

League Of Legends Skins For Free

We have lot of skins in our website that aren’t installed over Default Skins in League Of Legends. Because of this i decided to make a post about MK Jogo or MK LoL, which is a program which enables you to replace default skin of any champion to anything you choose. This works really well with Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) if you don’t own any Riot Skins.


  • Ward Skin Changing – like champ skins it allows you to change your default ward to something else
  • Skin Changing – Changes champion skins to anything you wish for, even rare skins
  • Match History – It shows you detailed match history about all your matches you played with the program
  • Replay – Very wanted feature that Riot had trouble adding to the game, Mk Jogo lets you view your own replays
  • Jungle Timers – This feature lets you see all timers in the minimap, while feature is already in game, its good addition maybe clearer too.
  • Quick Message – Lets you post long phrases with single key, such as “Gank the the top lane” or “Get the drake now” etc.

Same as Custom skins at our website, other people won’t be seeing your skin, but you still get to enjoy all SFX and beauty on its full glory with MK LoL. There is some problems with the program that may occur such as game freezing in the pick & ban phase for 15-65 seconds, this is a random bug and doesn’t appear always. You can always get inside to game and run the program after you exited and reconnect if this bug occurs.


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