Lightning (FF13)


Rejoice Final Fantasy fans now you are able to play LIGHTNING from FF13 as Riven. This customized Skin has new particles some of the green colors will be changed to red (on other models) top of that there is custom loading screen splash art and other little details such as new Ability icons, well new colors if i may say so.

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Additional Information

  • Replaces the default skin
  • Uses custom particles
  • Created by King Nyan





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  • Flamer

    i would have picked fiora over riven 😛 but thats just me i think haha
    besides that awesome work!

    • Well there is Fiora Sephiroth skin.

  • sp3tan

    Holy fokken shit Sugiknight. This right here is a masterpiece, brought a tear to my eye :’) I hope you keep updating the model and make it look even sexier! Thank you for doing it! ^_^

    • Well i’m not the creator, i’m just the one who posted it. The Author is working on anime models atm.

      • sp3tan

        Ah i missunderstood it all. My bad. Welp thanks for sharing it atleast. Made me happy anyway <3

  • ching030

    i Follow the steps
    but this give me this Picture?
    how can i solve?
    plz i very love this skin!!

    • did you add the files as Zip files in the directory? Also it seems ur at garena server that might be one of the reasons why there is a problem. I look into it and try to give reply soon

      • ching030

        is Zip files
        but i can not installing custom skins…
        but my friend can use this skin
        is me miss some computer program ?

        • You are doing something wrong during the process then. Read the guide over again and try to patch SIU

  • Shensui

    I followed your the steps to install this skin. Yet it gives me an all blue texture. Tried fixing SUI, repairing LoL client, reinstalling SUI / file.. Can’t get it to work. Any clue? q.q
    I have this problem only with this skin.

    • there is button in SIU “Fix Blue Particles” or smth like that, if that doesn’t work try reinstalling skin. Possibly there might be other skins that overlap lightning skin. Repairing LoL always should work.

  • 智凱 許


    I could not find

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