LVOC – LoL VOICE Changer

LVOC – LoL VOICE Changer

A League Of Legends program that lets you change champion voices to Korean, Chinese, French, Russian or anything that you like. Without changing the actual client language (Also this lets you change announcer voices too). This program requires Java to run so better download that before you start doing anything else. The program self-updates itself so you don’t need to download it multiple times, also there is MAC and Windows support.

This application allows you to change the language of the in-game and champ select audio for League of Legends to any of your choosing (Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, etc.) provided that the language is supported by Riot. – Lex wah

  1.  Download the program and unzip the file (7zip is a good program for that)
  2.  Open LVOC application and setup the League Of Legends folder (By default it shouldn’t install the game into program files, its under folder Riot Games)
  3.  Setup your local Language that is on client
  4.  Check up from settings whatever you want to change announcer and champion voices
  5.  You are able to set which Champions get their voice changed, you can choose multiple combinations, but that might not work
  6.  Hit the Change button and let it do its magic and after this run the game
  7.  Remember that the client still stays in English but Pick & ban phase sounds are changed among the ingame sounds



Recent changes

v3.0.4 (29th April, 2017)
  • Fixed an issue which prevented VO changes for users of the EU English client.
v3.0.3 (28th April, 2017)
  • League Client Update support! LVOC no longer relies on the League Client/Patcher to obtain the VO files, instead LVOC now has its own internal downloader specifically for VO files. Note: The files are still coming directly from Riot’s servers/network, with the exception of the Chinese ones which are still hosted on Google Drive.
  • LVOC no longer automatically closes your League processes before changing the VO, since I thought it’d be strange behavior with this new update. I’d still advise making sure League is closed though.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the elements in the UI to become messed up if you set an incorrect LoL path then tried to change the voices.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Change champions” setting. Previously, it may or may not actually save the setting when you restarted the program.
  • Fixed an issue where the “update is available” notification would keep showing up even though there wasn’t actually an update available.
v3.0.1 (14th March, 2016)
  • Fixed a small issue with the “Set all to” button under “Select champions”
v3.0.0 (13th March, 2016)
  • Custom announcer installation now available. Please note that if you want to use a custom announcer pack (like Sneaky & Meteos) WITH a different language for champion VO, install the different language VO first, then install the custom announcer.
  • Added button to change all champ language under “Settings” with one click, for convenience.
  • LVOC now saves your Champion configurations when you click change, so you don’t have to set, for example, Yasuo to Korean and Ahri to Japanese every time you use the app.
  • LVOC now has a built in self-updater on Windows.
  • I changed how I packaged the application to see if it will help with the 0x0000018 error. You’ll see more files than “LVOC.exe” when you unzip the .zip file, but you can ignore those extra files.
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