Magical Girl Madoka Ashe


Magical Girl Madoka Ashe

This Madoka skin has lot of effort put in it. It has custom splash art at loading screen, pink colored Ashe abilities to match the custom SFX inside the game along with cool model that doesn’t seem to have any glitches or texture failures. You can even see a panty shot in the end of the video. Currently i am not sure who created this skin my guess would be its someone Chinese or Korean Community, but heavily leaning into Chinese one at the moment.

In case you haven’t installed skins before or don’t own the latest version of Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) please go here –

Additional Information

  • Custom Ability particles & SFX
  • Created by Unknown
  • Custom Splash Art
  • Replaces default Ashe Skin
  • Custom Colored ability icons




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  • Madoka Fan

    Hey man really love this skin but is there a way to make her only appear on woad ashe skin instead of default. cheers

    • Why in earth would u want that? when you can choose default one :P?

      • madoka fan

        i dont want to see madoka to much specially on the enemy team. ^^ i already got the woad skin to be replaced by the madoka one. just didnt figure out yet to put the spell graphics in the right skin

        • Well i’m glad the problem is resolved now.

        • LazyNoodles

          Mind sharing how you did it? I also want to do something similar.

  • PhazonMario

    I get a bunch of errors saying that you put multipuls of the same file when i use lol skin installer and then when i get in game all i see is the hair and clothes just floating there no body

    • Well try to skip some of the parts in the installation, try re-installing too.

      • PhazonMario

        I fixed it now for the sinon skin i have reinstalled it i have clicked the fix blue/crash thing and it still comes out blue

  • 39

    Does anyone else have a problem whereby the ult does not have the circles on the ground?

    • Bollicina


  • LazyNoodles

    Can’t seem to get the skin to work.

    I load it but no changes are made.

  • Freenzie

    When I go ingame with the skin her face is at the wrong side and her legs are invisible, this is my first time downloading a custom skin so maybe I did something wrong. Please welp me ;_;

  • Shidonii

    I can’t download the skin?

  • TopHatOtaku

    Does this skin still work with the ashe update?

    • Should be working, but some elements seem to glitch

      • Herpaderpa

        The e plus ult have default icon textures and the w has normal ashe textures.

  • dae

    more like madoka magica shyvana, program detected shyvana as the champion and not ashe