Mecha Fizz

Mecha Fizz

A paid paid commission! Although initially he only wanted model I added the rest like particles and ult bait and I love how it turned out!

Mod made by BaeckerSkins, if you enjoy the Skin, please subscribe to the BaeckerSkins Youtube channel:


Additional Information

  • 3d-Model For Fizz And Abilities
  • New High Definition Textures For Fizz And Abilities
  • 2D Particles For All Abilities
  • Replaces default Fizz Skin

lc png

lc 2png

Click image for full size


Click image for full size

In case you haven’t installed skins before or do not own the Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) you should check out our download link and guide to installing skins here –


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Why hello there. I play and make mods for League of Legends. I upload a spotlight to every skin I made on Youtube. I also accept paid commissions and regular skin requests.

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  • Glad that someone finally made this skin. Ive seen it posted everywhere so many times.