ModSkinLoL – Free League Skins

ModSkinLoL – Free League Skins

Here is another program that lets you access all Riot League of Legends skins for free without having to use any RP whatsoever. As ive explained on the SkinPreview app its totally legal to use since its not giving any competitive advantages to players, comparing it to SkinPreview it does seem to crash lot less and no big issues so far using the program.

  • The Program is almost 100% in English, it still has some words in vietnamese
  • It doesn´t require you to install anything, just launch and go
  • Gives you Free Riot skins without a charge or ban
  • Does seem to have some custom skin functions, but wasn’t able to confirm this during my tests
  • Use Non-custom wards
  • Special Death, Spawn and Kill Messages.

Some people have reported some bugs & issues, among getting banned (Frankly no evidence however) use at your own risk, Riot is known from not respecting their own ToS and they will ultimately do as they please when it comes to any issues or drama. Please refrain from asking fix stuff or add stuff into the program, im not the creator.


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  • FAp

    Is this safe?

  • ToastedPopTart

    is anyone else getting the message with a dog that says “now, you go to the league of legend”??

    • cryum

      I am getting the same, is there something I am supposed to do at this stage? or just wait more??

    • fcfdxt

      go game lol ?

  • Jyn

    it says there is an update and i need to go the offical page,what do i do now?

  • Louis

    is it also for chinese lol ?

  • Broken

    This program is so good no game crashing and it even works when you chose to play with skins that you have.

  • Hamza Benoufir

    What’s the catch?

  • Shawn

    How do i change it back to the default skin

  • Raphael Chaitas

    This mod actually gave me massive packet buffering and basically raised my ping to 600 from a steady 66-77.

  • behrem

    is that still working ?

  • Rakuryo

    so which one is better, this or skin preview app?

  • jim

    doesnt work anymore rip

  • tugo

    yo if any admin running the program reading this, can u just fix gp’s barrels according to skins, for ex : when i play spooky gp the barrels dont change blue. thx

  • Seantravis Cruz

    not work