This custom skin is so kawaii \(^ω^\) This is one of the best Mordekaiser skins I’ve ever used. I think it’s amazing because it changes sounds too and Lilypichu put his voice on it, so… What more do you want about?  This skin was performed by Nekres and all credits go to him for creating it.

If you haven’t installed custom skins before or don’t have latest Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) version please go here –

Additional Information

  • Created by Nekres
  • Replaces Default Mordekaiser Skin
  • Includes animations, loading screen, icons, sounds and particles






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Spanish moderator. I really love League of Legends. I'm supporting custom skins since this game started and I also have my own custom skins website in Spanish.

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  • SwagamanJaro

    put her* voice

    • Her voice looks pretty buggy. Actually it give us errors when trying to install it, so maybe need a fix. Anyways, it’s a great skin.

      • Billy the Kid Dunker

        Man do one og king of clubs mordekaiser pls. At least a recolour of it for the default skin

  • SilentStaccato

    every time i use the “W” my game crashs, anyone know a fix?

  • Gets

    same problem here, game crashes everytime when w is used

  • GM Jl

    I really love this skin but I haven’t been able to find one that does not crash the game with W! please some one fix this bug :C This is a very awesome skin but its useless if you cant use your W T_____T