Necrontyr Azir


Necrontyr Azir

Necrons are one race in Warhammer 40k universe (Authors Favorite), so here you can see a bit more than just recolor for basic Azir skin. This skin is a bit more than just recolor because it contains some new textures and special effects, like glowing Necron patterns on everything – Azir champion, his soldiers and, especially, on his Necron Disk, which is his iconical weapon now. Meet the new Lord of Necrontyr!

In case you haven’t installed skins before or haven’t installed Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU), please look out our guide here –

Additional Information

  • Created by Existor
  • Replaces default Azir Skin
  • Has custom SFX / Particles used




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  • Kandelaki Dmitry

    The skin was slighty updated. Now it got brigther glowing “wings”, brighter click-icon on tower ruins, and also some other small bugfixes, including averagely more green saturation on everything.

    In future I will do orange version like I did with Lissandra’s Necrontyr skins.

    So check leaguecraft for slighty updated skin ^^

    • I Should get you an access to our website so you can post your stuff here.