Pool Party Zac

Pool Party Zac

The initial image of Pool party zac was seen in lifeguard Renekton splash art and afterwards lot of fan art came out of it. It was only matter of time until someone made custom skin version – for that all credit shall go to fregil for this Zac Skin. While it doesn’t have custom particles its still pretty good themed skin with custom icons and splash art.

If you haven’t installed custom skins before or don’t have latest Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) version please go here – http://mobaskins.com/installing-custom-skins/

Additional Information

  • Created by Fregil
  • Custom Ability icons included
  • Splash Art Included
  • Replaces Default Zac Skin




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  • iZac

    Hey i am having an issue using RiotFileTranslator plugin I can’t import any newer meshes like kalista or new trist VU. anyone able to show me how to open newer meshes?

    • I can’t personally help you out, since i don’t create skins, i try to find some answers from my modeler friends.

  • Why So Serious?

    No Custom Particles cause its bugged. When i change them they are filling half of the screen and this is the old version? Because i updated the skin

    • It might be that new version don’t work. I think the one i attached was the version i used on the video.

      • Why So Serious?

        I see. Do you mean the DestroyedTower Bugsplat that appears with the Skin?

        • I’ll have to get back to you, i gotta find more recent version i guess.

          • Why So Serious?

            nvm its the most recent version just checked but the screenshot is from the old one