Shrek mod Full version



Shrek mod Full version

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Skin made by Carlozpawnproz

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How to download it and how to Make it work for your League client

Well i would recommend install it with Skin install ultimate to get everything install correctly

Software’s to use to Get Skin

Skin install Ultimate

Q: Is the Skin Legal to use in League of legends

A: The Answer is yes it is that why i spend alot of days of my life to create a skin for the community of LoL

Just in case you still clueless how to Install the Skin Here is Installation Tutorial

League Of Legends 2014-05-27 23-58-14-94


Download link is >>


(Full pack)

Includes the following

*Donkey as Hecarim
*Ellie from l4d2 as Amumu or Gangplank
*Shrek Alistar
*Custom Inhibs and Nexus to look like Swamp huts
*Shopkeeper as Puss In Boots
*The Little Cat on the side is a Surprise 😛
*5 Custom Shrek towers for each side
*97 textures to transform the map to look like a Swamp
And is Available in HD and SD
*Custom Vision and Sight ward + Yellow trinket


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