Sinon Caitlyn

Sinon Caitlyn

Another Sword Art Online skin for SAO fans out there (Check out Kirito). This Caitlyn skin has custom Yordle traps (W) and includes custom Caliber Net (E) also there is pretty cool looking ultimate lock in effect. Also there is a custom icon inside the game, but doesn’t include a splash art (If i recall right..) This skin was created by King-nyan and credits go to him.

If you haven’t installed custom skins before or don’t have latest Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) version please go here –

Additional Information

  • Replaces Default Caitlyn Skin
  • Created by King-nyan
  • Includes Custom Champion Icon
  • Special Particles & Effects Included





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  • TheDealer

    fix it pls

    • What do you mean?

      • PhazonMario

        he might mean no matter what we do for this skin it keeps being blue and wotn load the textures right….

  • Sai for President

    Omg awesome!!!

  • Im quite the enthusiast of SAO (sinon Ass Online) so most def good work on skin.

  • dieyoubutt

    the only thing i dont like is her hair

  • NightsoulShadow

    there is no character textures in the file

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  • IceGase

    The particles are weird, the ult is making the screen flash white and normal.

  • john

    u can only see the skills properly not the character..
    the character is all blue . plz fix it

  • ZombiEMA

    Would be great if you were able to make it like she is in SAO instead of the skirt that is idk if its possible doe 😀

  • nanoend123

    everything is perfect exept her E net animation is a blue square

  • ryanrobby2

    i can’t get it working for some reason. I keep getting an error message and installng it manually doesn’t work either.

  • Jho Em Castillo

    no Splash Art T.T

  • Look at that booottyyy

  • Roberto Morales Vega

    As of today ( September 2 2015) this skin no longer works because it ask for some manual placing (it cant do it automatically) for the next files:








    The only options to put those files, as the installer says, are the same paths but with:
    archive_1 or archive_2
    NO archive_3 option to use.
    It worked fine yesterday, and even today at like 1 am, but it updated and doesnt work anymore.