Skin Preview – All League Skins For free

Skin Preview – All League Skins For free

For those who have are looking for good alternative to Mk LoL or just want to install custom skins via category without downloading them, Skin Preview is a great choice. You get to install Loading screens, HUDs and Customs skins + all riot skins that you want to install all for free without any cost.

  • The program is not breaking any terms of service, so its all legal/legit to use and Riot won’t ban you
  • It’s rather lightweight on the background and doesn’t eat too much resources
  • Seems to be very functioning since it doesn’t crash or anything, but is bit slower to choose X skin than Mk LoL
  • Lets you pick your own loading screen pictures and upload them, very cool system
  • May ask you to repair / check your LoL files sometimes after use, standard precedure with every mod that swaps files
  • You have to update Skin Preview after every patch

If you want to try Skin Preview you can download it from the attachment or get it from their personal website too. If any questions come up you can leave them on the comments below regarding the program, note i’m not the creator so there is limited answers i can give you. Don’t ask me to fix shit, im not the creator, if you can’t make it work look into ModSkin LoL 



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  • Final Boss Veigar

    how will we update this after every patch?

  • Axel

    thx think this is better don’t want to get banned after all

  • Efosamark

    Does enybody get ban for it?

  • loveskin

    I would also like to know if this 3rd party program can be detected by riot and if the users can be banned for it ?

  • Nuub

    Skins aren’t working for me ?

  • Helper

    Note : this is for GARENA LOL users , not for RIOT GAME LOL users.

    • not true, it works on real riot servers

    • Sharqo LeBro

      How we can get another program like it for Riot Game LoL ??

  • samat somjai

    this crash my whole league

  • heify

    I want a program like this for riot games Lol so bad… any link or update for the current?..

    • This comment makes no sense

      • Shakko

        It does this Skin Preview is for LOL GARENA not RIOT GAMES LOL

        • Hatsune Suke

          i play LoL on garena..can i use this

  • Costi Lazar

    Man when i start playing with the program up , lol give me bug splat.

    • Boo Scared ya


      • Some fixes were made in newest patch

        • 4th.

          Hi, there’s a huge bug in the app for me. Every time I try a custom skin for any champs, the game just says that the champ is not there(failed to load an essential item’s error) so I had to revert changes. Only Riot official skins are working for me, is there any solution to that problem? Amazing job done anyway!

          • Probably just wait till it gets patched more


    does it work on mac?


    It’s legal 100%?

  • Mark


  • milita™

    whenever I go on lol skin back to normal.

    • Felix Jørgensen

      i have the same problem
      plz find a solution’

    • Joco

      Squad Teemo bug no drop bomb just drop mushroom

  • catmrr

    how start program ?

    • Joco

      auto detect your exe file a just simple instak and update

  • Richard Alejandro Piantini

    It does not let me open the app. Whenever I try it just crashes and it does not open. I uninstalled it and installed it back again. But still. pls tell me if that is just the update. Because when i first installed it it worked, I went to do something I came back and the app could not start. please tell me how to fix it. Thanks

    • No idea contact the developer. Link on videos description

  • João Martins

    When I put championship riven it shows bug splat only on that skin why?

  • Angel Sthormes

    Everytime I tried to autoupdate it crash. “Error: Could not download the update pack” :S

  • Louis

    Works perfectly , thank you very much . But is it possible to make this program working on Chinese LoL ?

    • Joco


  • Matt

    risk of ban?

    • None for now, since Riot gave greenlight as stated on video

    • Joco


  • jm robles

    why i always got this fck

  • jm robles

    This one it always appear like that

    • Hatsune Suke


      • Hatsune Suke

        can someone help me..i run adr why he say like that

  • the real one

    Yow they need to make it so when u select a skin, It stays permanent its annoying af to click the same skin each time u going into game, thanks!

  • mene

    when i try to install it it installs and then give a error pls fix

  • darkc90

    Why does my antivirus says that the file has virus?

    • Coz thats what these programs say about cracks in general. its a lie

  • Renee Metsmaker

    hey i have a problem with battlecast cho’cath skin when i lauch the game an error pops up and says there was and issue with cho’cath and i need to reinstall game pls fix it

    • Either start using modskinlol or wait till skinprev dev starts to patch the program

  • Fredrico Knight

    how can i update it ?

  • Shikamaru

    Crashes all the time

  • Sneaky

    Pls add the Ultimate Udyr Skin would be very nice 😀

  • Pán Thoufis

    wow now i have to reinstall league of legends ….

  • qt byfar

    dont get it i just got perma banned

    • Anonymmm

      Yea mate,me 2 i got perma banned for scripting but i used only this program.

      • kcch

        Exept that you’re lying. You can’t get permad with this. It doesn’t break any rules, it was you that downloaded something else.

  • RinTeh

    pls add Spirit Guard Udyr pls

  • Artturi Kärki

    why skinpriview dont connect the servres

  • Ian_ Gabriel_

    O Tubarão do fizz não muda nas skins

  • bruno Filipe

    This thing instead of identifying my client, says that it is outdated and opens my pbe and starts updating pbe -.-

  • onur

    fuck you you disrupt my lol pachter don t dowload this pls

    • Look my latest vid pleb

    • HackerB1

      Same problem, i need to reinstall my computer.. -.-

      • swekduk

        u need to reinstal ur computer -_-

  • kurac

    jebo sam vam majku vasu zecici 🙂

  • Awesomee

    could you all guys stop crying it works perfectly for me <3

    • bob

      fuck u 🙂 it doesnt work for me only the defaullt skin appears and it says that it is applied

  • Black

    Risk of ban ?

    • minimal

    • Joco

      no you not need account and Riot no detect .NO BAN

  • gromerder

    why it says that it have virus in the file?

    • Coz ur virus software is dumb Perhaps?

  • Hey

    My Lol crashes when using custom skins any solution pls?

  • Joco

    lol wor for me

  • gromerder

    dont download, didnt work, only crashed my LOL

  • Diz Amino

    Hey guys,yesterday ive got an a bug, when im applying custom skin,for any champion, nothing happened, i see only “Applying skin(s).Please wait”, i waited like foe 1h but still i didnt get complete message as i get after applying riot skin. Any advices?

    • hello there

      Change your locale to en_GB and it should work, lets say you have korean sounds etc it cant change the sounds of skin and it gets stuck on applying skins

      • Hi im dog

        how do I do that?

  • Joco

    omega squad teemo fix ulti

  • Kirbyparks

    guys do not download this. i just got permabanned for it. trust me and dont do it. im trying to get my account unbanned. i sent a ticket. RIP

    • You probably used other illegal program

    • Deto x

      yes, I also got “pernamently suspended” for this shit…. NO BAN MY ASS

      • zen

        same applies to you

        • Deto x

          It says, pernamently suspended for use of 3rd party application… The only apps i used was this one, and mkjogo for the skins. I got a warning form mk so i switched to this believeing that this is safe, however i was perma suspended. Ive even sent 10 tickets to riot asking why i got banned for using custom skins…

    • zen

      lies show proof go into your league account and show us a screenshot saying you are perma banned and the reasons because it always states the reason. you probably wont answer and if you do 50% chance you wont show proof and 50% that if you do it isnt yours and just a google imaged of a banned account

  • Aleksandar

    It works, but when I start a game it exits before the loading screen and I have to restart the client, that’s kinda annoying.

  • Artyom

    Load Screen don`t worked, and my client crashed.

  • JK4a

    I got it working yesterday, but today when i go in a game it wont go past champion select and i have to restart lol and then i can reconnect to the game but i dont have the skin on, just the default one even tho it says the skin is applied. help please

  • Bobilz

    it just says unable to connect to server try again in 10 seconds help pls

  • Makaleli

    why riot skins dont show me? please help me
    only skins by other authors show me can someone tell me


      I also have that problem and i agree with you why we dont have riot skins?

      • Makaleli

        I have a friend and he havê all the skins and i had to but a week ago i dont know what happens that only skins by other authors show me

    • Δημήτρης Δημήτρης

      i also have that problem but i can’t see and the 3D view what is going on?

  • KurssoN

    Why i dont have riot skins ? Help Kappa

  • Green Fairy

    Why i get out of memory error when i want to choose skin.

  • GG

    One problem with MK Lol was that he didnt offer any animatios that the better skins had. It would be awesome if u could add Dark Star Threshs lantern and PS Ezrael evolution throughout the game.

  • Sphagetti

    I just want an answer to one question. Why does this proram stop working?

  • TheTwBe Show

    Do you get banned for this ?

  • Lelis

    I have lose 2 accounts riot detect this program like scripts, be careful guys, riot suspending permanent for this program 🙂

  • gabriel

    ei voces cala boca eu uso esse negosso des de cuando lanço e ate agora n levei ban esse programa e perfeito

    • Tio dudu

      como eu faço para parar de da crash no meu ? fala pf

      • gabriel

        e mano eu acho que são so algumas skins que dão crash testa as outras que eu acho que voce vai conseguir 🙂

    • Pietro Vallardi

      cara pra mim skins legendarys dão bugsplat pra vc tambem ja deu? se sim como arrumou

      • gabriel

        e mano no meu as skin que dão bugsplat são so alguma mas so as que n tem no game a unica ate agora que deu bugsplat no meu foi uma skin do mastery com fantazia de vaca y uma espada de bronze y a outra do lee muay thay so que a do lee so da bugsplat no meio do game pelos 20 mn de game

  • Its not.

    • Bob

      Is this a third party program? Does this program interact with riot software? Is it authorized? If you answered yes, yes, no, then this is against EULA as stated above. Its up to riot to enforce this or not as seen in previous cases. As stated in a previous post they tend to allow skin modifications that don’t affect gameplay in anyway but they reserve the right to deny these at any time.

      If I’m wrong about this I apologize but I’m pretty sure I am reading the EULA word for word.

      • This is case of Riot not respecting their own ToS and trying to eliminate the competition that hampers them money

        • Bob

          The section I posted above is in the ToS, so I don’t see how you think they don’t respect their own ToS in this situation.

          • Bob

            Honestly I think this program is awesome and if I wasn’t worried about losing hundreds of dollars I would use this on my main account. I just want people to understand that just because league has past tendencies to allow/ignore these programs, they CAN still ban you for using them.

    • Leonardo Dedragovitich

      Lol wait, this does not effect the riot games server, since it previews skins for u only that means that it works on ur pc (software) and this does not break the EULA

      • Bob

        The part I am trying to point out is this section:

        “Using any unauthorized third party programs, including mods, hacks, cheats, scripts, bots, trainers and automation programs that interact with the Software in any way, for any purpose”

        If you think that it is not against this section cause it is not any of the above mentioned types of program, at the end of the ToS they mention:

        “Whenever we use “including” in this Agreement, we mean “including without limitation.””

        So as stated below it is a program that interacts with riot software, aka League client, so it is a ban-able offence using this program.

        I do not know if any of the people that stated below getting banned were just banned for using this program or actually banned at all. I just know what this program does and why it can be banned.

  • luci

    This program doesn’t work on my coumputer

  • andres rodriguez

    I do not work custom skins if anyone knows it please contact me by my email

  • behrem

    is that working ?

  • anesths

    when it says first make sure that league of legends is updated to latest varsion what it means cause i dont understand.Does it means that i have to wait until nexxt patch.Or there is an button that i should press to update ?? help me guy

  • CAN’T

    Hey there offical skins aren’t work what can ı do ?

  • Banditt

    Every time I load a skin my game doesn’t go into loading screen and just stops. Any fix?

  • Mochi

    Dj sona is not working, any thoughts when will she work ?

  • Ruther Crave

    I am stucked with this. What folder specifically will I choose? I am using Garena for LoL.

    • just random answer

      why the fuck you are using garena for lol ?

      • Ruther Crave

        SEA players use Garena. We don’t have the client itself for LoL. Riot and Garena teamed up so we asians can play LoL and beat yo NA’s & EU’s ass.

        • SEA players are dogshit, all best are at taiwan lol

        • AmazingM

          are u sure? u can beat EU ass’es?
          show me what you can! haha

  • AESk1LLz

    When i try using a skin it works for the first game when i log in. Then if I try playing a different champ with a different skin it crashes after champ select and instead of the loading screen its just a black screen. Please fix

  • asdasd


    • cilek

      is mkjogo working? i can’t regster and website is down

    • Sean

      Rofl first of, MK Jogo is much MUCH older program that been banned by riot because they were breaking the Rules riot games made for such programs, and banned it users i dont suggest using MK Jogo

  • Shikazirukato

    Dude, Riot said that if is just cosmetics they woldn’t even bother banning u.If they were to make that the Jungle timer to apper perma without to press tab, yes you’ll be banned, but if is just cosmetic they wouldn’y ban u.(sorry for my bad english)

  • Rareshinnho

    BugSplat 🙁

    • Stiven

      Same here. I had to reinstall lol

  • Berk Kandemir

    BugSplat :(((((

  • Buta Emilian

    Why when i select a skin lets say Spirit Guard Udyr , i select the normal skin on LOL .. After i need to go in load screen right ? But no my client dont go in load screen when i select a skin ..PLease some help or tips


    Buggy shit, just got dc’d, and 5 low priority wait time, leaver buster, ty shit program

  • AmazingM

    Yesterday it works well, im so suprised, it works, no bullsh.. haha ..
    but today i open again and well.. startin match and woops what is this.. bug splat appear.. nice so it need a update? Please update it immidiately i wont play LoL without that one 🙂

  • An Nguyen

    it working well until today what happen?

    • Gerardo Leon


  • alô molieres

    topper 😀

  • AmazingM

    updated its ok, but one skin doesnt work so i decided change to another, and re-start game with tool, its crashed and i got leavebuster for 20mins x5 🙂 hellshit damn

    • 123

      dont use custom skins just use riot skins..customs arent updated not their fault

  • Danil

    Is this work now
    if not when update ll come?T_T

  • someone

    this program adds league of angels adds…

    • someone else


      • Uwot mate (Uw0tm8)

        yeah, so the program can make some money and survive xdd

  • Christian Giaccomeli

    Doesn’t work for me. How to fix this?

  • jhonaibanez

    ya no funciona

  • jhonaibanez

    no salen las skin de riot y tampoco se pueden aplicar los de “other authors” se queda en aplicando…

  • Aaronium

    I skinpreview still stuck at 6.15 champ rotation, help?

  • Bob Zhang

    The game crashes when i use other authors skin

  • Sebastian

    Is there a way to disable the pop ups when I open and close this program? they’re really annoying.

  • Sutuff123

    Why isnt DJ SONA a riot skin..??? Fix yer stuff.

  • Benjii Jr

    Since i downloaded this program i have a rly big isue. After 10 games i get buggsplat and this warning: Possible data corruption detected. After this warning i must update my LoL again. Can anyone help me 🙁 ?

  • Mark

    None of riot skins show up also bugsplat happening any help?

    • Benjii Jr

      Got bugsplat too.

    • JannikFox

      Me 2

  • NASH

    patch you can skip a skin but in game it does not work
    help me pls

  • Joyy

    hey,can you add spirit guard udyr?apperently there is only custom sg udyr,the one crashing game and causing corruption of league files

  • Michael Snuser

    Hey can you make a patch where it doesnt make bugsplats i know is hard for you but i can’t use HUDS Custom skins or even custom wards or loading screen if i do so my league will do bugsplats until i repair it

  • Max

    Too good 😀 soulstealer vayne <3

  • Алекс Стойчев

    you fucking bitches everytime i close and open the program it opens fucking ADS fix that shit

    • Uwot mate (Uw0tm8)

      the ads are so the program can survive…

  • Patto Velázquez

    fix the skin PROJECT : LUCIAN has a bugg in which the splashart is repeated and , at least to me, I mistook to change the skin

    • you have to talk actual devs about that

  • Nhật Tuyên Vương

    i used to sever vietnam, and i can’t load tool !!! was run the game )

  • lexxxs

    my game is updated and can’t load this program

  • Alexander Golubev
  • Agaston

    i cant load the game with custom skins pls fix that

  • kevin molinari

    No sounds are Heard. I used the translate of google

  • Equinox776

    pls add the new wards

  • Equinox776

    bugsplat when using HUD

  • Caio Bagini

    gets the rumble of the skin not fire appears

  • MaryVos

    Guys it has problem. When I use Star Guardian skins my game gets bugsplat and then I have to repair. Then it appears an error and I have to uninstall and re-install the game. You really need to fix it. Seriously this happened 2 times.

    • Ruzzoa

      Umm, not just Star Guardian skins… You use Skin Preview it will always crash..

  • Alexander Golubev

    stopped work after today patch

  • frtgnc

    stopped work it patch 6.20

  • frtgnc

    fix it please

  • Nidjex

    FIX IT IT STOPD AT 6.20 PATCH!!!! PLS FIX IT !!!!!

    • TheShooterHD

      yeah fix it please 🙁

  • Peter Henein

    does comments make any difference ?

  • Ruzzoa

    Yaaa, fix it please! I used Skin Preview and it crashes ( the game ), and right after I closed Skin Preview, it starts working again.. Please fix it! Moreover, don’t use comment, send a message to Skin Preview in facebook, they typically replies in a few hours…

  • We ain’t the developers of this mod, don’t ask us how to fix it or contact via our facebook, its pointless.

  • Fatih Güler

    Hello I have a problem I downloaded the game but it doesn’t look skins skin preview, I entered and could you help Thank you

  • Matheus152

    “Could not download the update pack” help pls :/

  • Luca Esders

    i cant connect to server pls help

  • Ellan

    Its dont start with wooxy. Repair this fail, please.

  • Skugy123

    Someone make Official Riot skins for Rumble, some of them are missing particles (Super galaxy rumble for example doesn’t even show the q effect)

  • KawaiiRageMode

    Just got banned using this program, use it at your own risk.

    • SGUrgot

      It wasnt bannable. But some days ago Riot banned people using it. Its a sad change. #FellsBadMan

  • enes şengöz

    for Mac osx ???? (Help)

  • Aske Lyck

    Will i get banned for this, or is it unbannable ?

  • Zined scare

    No you don’t get ban for that i ask RIOT and he said its okay to use this Programm! Here a list for allowed things —> . There is staying : Customskins : Allowed for now!

    • adolfpiteu

      well i got ban just because i’ve using this

      • Zined scare

        Write a report to riot and post my link there. They CANT ban you.

  • kostas

    whyyy i canttt play with soul stealerrr vayneeeee

  • celal şen

    new client dont working

  • Axilleas Papageorgiou

    Can you update to download more wards,recals,minnions and add maps plz ..

  • celal şen

    dark star thresh fix PLSSS

  • Azazzel Sensei

    fix dark star yasuo and demon ezreal

  • sss

    fix it it doesnt work for newest beta client

  • Luiz Myrrha

    Is not working

  • aaaa

    when it will be fixed on new lol client Pls answer ?

  • Alex

    PLEASE make it for new BETA lol :X

  • Please make it work with the new Beta client

  • Buğra Gökboğa


  • Buğra Gökboğa


  • Lonche

    if u want to back at the old client at username u go under it and password u will see under them “Launch legacy client” if u cant see check it carefuly 😉

  • LinternaAzul

    Fix Skins of AZIR

  • ScreaM PT

    This program crushes my lol client… what should I do?

  • Antal Róbert

    Custom skins crashes my lol client but the normal skins works fine 😀

  • Heos00

    Bug splat in the skin of High noon Jhin from riot

  • Vedad Gluhic

    why always whan i start Skn Preview i get some goole page.They want to I INSTALL some app . can i stop that pls help me .And i cant go eyit that app i must go on task manager

    • Aš Kristis

      These are ads of Skin Preview app. They appear automatically, you can’t disable them. Just deal with it. And also, most importantly, they keep creators of this app supported with money they need.

  • Gaming Sharks

    There is no mask for Project Ashe skin !

  • anan

    fck you

  • bill

    fix old championship riven pls it doesnt show the walk animation or any spell animations

  • Theking142

    Normal Skins crash my game almost everytime and i have to waste about 8/9 minutes redownloading corrupted files

  • Salvatore Varone

    Why when i click on the champions to select skins it says ” Out of Memoy” ?

    • Χρήστος Γαβριηλίδης

      You have learned something?

  • ZA

    out of memory ??

  • Χρήστος Γαβριηλίδης

    what is ” out of memory ” ?

  • Hero

    out of memory?

  • asadad

    ouy of memory?

  • Pedro Gabriel

    Out of memory man, it’s not working, when you try to click in the champion for choose the skin it says ” Out of memory ” help

  • xsxsaxas

    out of memory

  • lol

    out of memory… wtf fix it i want to play my iblitzcrank

  • Aš Kristis

    Ok, so the new patch made a problem, that we can’t use “Skin Preview’s” custom skins. This is a problem by Riot. As they said, they insert a bunch of the new LoL client files (about 500 mb) and my guessing is, these files interrupted the ability to use custom skins. GG

  • xD

    can anynone help me !!??

    • Anderson Sandoval

      I have the same error but i don’t know how i cant fix it

    • niKe Quasars

      I have the same mistake and I am glad you helped me

    • Truffer


  • Alexander Villarroel

    Out of memory, let us know when the bug gets fixed.

  • hero

    out of memory

  • tuts

    Out of memory

  • iloveyou

    When some genius finds out the fix please be so kind to share it.

  • Joao Guilherme Fernandes

    The problem was fixed, today, now, 12/08/2016 at 8:20 a.m., how I know it? because I reopened the program and the att appeared…am I the first to install? cool

  • Brand Bot (hehe xd)

    Problem fixed, congrats.

    • Carlos Martim Panda

      well how did you fix it

      • The Burning Vengeance

        I said that a problem was fixed and I said congratulations you lil’ washed up punk

  • Frienders

    BUG SLPAT IHAVE BAN NOW THANKS fucking rito all idiots

  • Frienders


  • Joel Cejas

    Because if I have the program open
    or installed it will change the skins

  • pls answer

    its a virus cuz im afraid to download it :(…?
    my antivirus says that its a virus

  • Onur Colak

    Hi, i need help please help me, when i press the teemo it gives crash please help me please

  • yeah :b

    it’s works now , version anything error good!



  • Frienders


  • friendly neighborhood

    fix dark star thresh and spirit guard udyr please

  • Dima Omelyanov

    Some guyz saying that they get banned, is it true ?

  • Hello, If you plan on downloading this program you will experience bugsplats. Therefore you cannot join the game which may lead you to a ban.

    Riot Games

    • Alexander Villarroel

      Capitalist company :@

    • Fk u Riot

      Fix your fucking terms of service if you dont want people to use skins for free, jesus !

  • Dima Omelyanov

    Guyz fix Teemo plz

  • Jared Arfaxad Vazquez Ocampo

    I have bugsplat errors with kindred and thresh skins. Solve it please

  • Funeral
  • Please help xD

    Can someone help me please?? When i open my skin preview and i select champion:zed (for example) it shows only other autors’s skins and i cant even download it thats hapening for all champions please help 🙁

  • Lot of people seem to be whining like little bitches about fixes, i ain’t the fucking dev i can’t do shit. But you can download ModSkin Professional which is currently working better than this one

  • AvesCrystos

    Cant open the program, it says that server is down or that there is maintenance every time, it works for others though.. anyone with the same problem here?

  • Victor Mattos

    Bug Splat Por favor Ajude-nos e tambem trava no Carregamento da Partida

  • Karim Hisham

    it says the game is out of date but my game is up to date what shall i do?

    • ca

      i got the same problem

      • Solution

        Go to the League locale and start lol.launcher and after that you will be able to use it. You dont need to start the game every time like that, only once.

  • Seby

    why i cant see the riot skins ?? i can see just the other author’s ones

  • Emiya Kiritsu

    Teemo skins are not running, the error program and date

    • This program has pretty much no support anymore modskin pro is way to go atm.

      • hi

        modskin is good but it dont show gp’s barrels according to the skins ?? good program tho

  • k1deJN

    I recieve an error when i set the language, Close the aplication

  • Cristi Luca

    This application is a shit. It bug splat when I entered loading screen and I had to repair the client, losing a game by a remake. This is shit.
    MK LoL was way much better.

    • ModSkinpro is the new thing. People don’t seem to get that this is frankly pretty old post now…

  • SK Lendário

    dont’s work with new cliente version ?

  • xzxdanielkck

    windows 10 update pls

    • Better just switch to ModSkinpro

  • slipk

    Baneado … only use it 1 day

  • REEZ

    During this banyat ??

    • Svshv_sh

      esli Riot skini ispolzuew to net + bagov i crashov ne budet

  • dick

    download full vertion

  • Pedro Gabriel

    It’s not working on att 7.1

  • Fares

    i need a Latest version Because Game now make update please make a
    Latest version

  • ekzmlee

    Why does it keeps saying I need to update LoL? It is already latest version

  • Barış Oğuz


  • Fars eljoker

    The Skin Preview hasn’t Update yet

  • ErvinasAlfa

    All works good, Great job SugiKhan! <3

    • dont thank me, i don’t have anything to do with this program

  • sópraessecoment

    Update error :/

  • update error

    • poaxgl

      how to fix it guys ?

  • sópraessecoment

    All works good <3

  • OtakuNo:140

    I tried to play yasuo with Sora Kasugano skin
    but it crashed “League of Legends”
    why ?

    • This is not program for custom skins

    • Name

      sometimes the skins are corrupted ( only the custom ones tho) so the
      game will crash, and will keep crashing till you “repair” it


    Hi How can i add skin Because it says add skin at the bottom

  • White Moon

    Blood moon jhin not working…I tryed everything, game just crashes

  • Lurid

    Some skins even the riot ones keep crashing 🙁

  • a

    can you help me its says waiting for league of legends please run the game and i run it and it still keep saying that ? thnaks.

  • BATI

    my lol is in D: how can I do ? it always say:C:Riot GamesLeague of LegendsRADSsystemsystem.cfg not found help me!!!!

  • Aizen

    Is it allowed ? or i gonna get banned if i use this ?

  • Moon King

    Please fix the Kegs on the gp skins 🙁 they dont work!!!

  • Virus

    That doesnt work. I mean program works, but It doesnt change skin in a game…

  • Blank

    how do i use this on League of Legends Alpha/Beta?

    • John

      Just open LOL and run the program,select the champion,select the skin you want (some not official skins dont work) and join a game

  • Ruzzoa

    Help me! The LeBlanc skins are not shown in Skin Preview.

  • Hawker

    well i heard someone got banned for this and idk if its safe to use in 2017

  • darius

    it’s possible to get banned for skin preview

    • Alpay Guner


  • Tan Nikou

    All Zyra’s skins don’t work

  • bahattin

    bug slpts eror

  • FatPxnda

    Is there anyway that Gangplanks barrels will become skinned also with the proper skin?

  • Kubster pl

    “the league of legends game is out-of-date. please update the to latest version before you run this tool” HELP! IT’S UPDATED!

  • Syahmi ami

    help me i open the skinpreview and it say waiting for League of Legends…please run the game.
    i run LOL but nothing happen

  • Deadly123 please

  • emre

    please check graves skins.

  • godz

    it says its initializing and says ” Wairing for League of Legends ” ” Please Run the Game ” and its running so it doesnt want to open for me what can i do ?

    • you can change the program, this is no longer best one

  • Reza Ehsani

    Zyra skins are not working for 2 months now. Any skin on her won’t work and give bugsplut sometimes or disconnect me from league game. when entering loading screen.

  • wizclossus

    teemo skins are fucked icons have changed pls fiw his beautifull software

  • gp

    skins that you have create like dark star yasuo when i loading the game it crash and show me byg splat plz tell me how to fix it

  • nnnga

    @Sugikhan:disqus In ModSkinLoL, Gangplank skins are not perfect, look at his barrels, Fix it.

    • Carlos Martim Panda

      sugikhan isn’t the maker of the programs he’s just showing how they work.

  • Damian Knop

    Dont work. ; / why

    • kutay

      you idiot is very good work

  • Leo Tabares

    There bro is no longer useful for the new version of 7.6 🙁

  • Leo Tabares

    Update why it no longer works for the new version – LAN makes me sad that it no longer works 🙁

  • Emirhan Yenigün

    Does not work after last update :((

    • Shōyō of the Concrete

      it does !!!!

      • heko


  • jfjfjfg

    yes guys it doesnt work after 7.6 update :((

    • Shōyō of the Concrete

      it does wtf

  • Leo Tabares

    Bro update please i feel sad

  • Oussama Taousser

    yeah plz update

  • Shōyō of the Concrete

    just run the legacy client in order to make it work guys

    • Gabriele

      It still doesn’t work for me
      It says that im using an out-dated version of League.

    • Carlos Martim Panda

      Legacy client is officially over now. What’s your solution? Yeah, thought so.

  • Mirko Zivkovic

    I must to have legacy client for this or… ?

    • Carlos Martim Panda

      Yup. Which today (25/04/2017) has been deleted. There’s only the new client now. Meaning this is 100% not working until they update it so it works with the new client.

  • rocky alex

    So when 7.6 league patch made this not work. I went to legacy client and its only bug splat. Any solutions found yet?

  • Andrew Vlasyuk

    how do i make noon jhin work? everytime i load into game it is bug splat

  • ante krajinovic

    i cant even log in

  • Walther

    It doesn’t add sound effects right?

  • Erion Bajrami

    guys it doesnt work on the new client you have to open the legacy one thats how it works

  • Vermilion

    i dont know how well you manage the app, but ive tried it many times and it makes the league client(legacy or alpha) to bugsplat, it corrupts the game files and lol needs to repair itself after the app use. The message i get everytime when use skin preview in lol is this:
    “We detected some files to be corrupted in the league system, the league needs to repair to fix the data. The repair might take some minutes depending on the corrupted files.”

  • TC Deniz Önder

    my game give bug splat and I patched up the lol and this latest version

  • Hamada Whaibi

    there is a proplem in god fist lee sin :p
    cuz when i basic attack i see iam standing but i deal dmg
    so please fix it

  • Natsu Dragneel

    peermaban for this no thanks

    • fairytail is awful

      • Natsu Dragneel

        but u heard of me

        • sadly ive seen fairy tail yes

  • Antonio Delgado

    the lol send me a notification of a bug problem
    what i hav to do

  • Isaias Chauderon

    no sirve es un asco!!!

    • Leo Tabares

      si sirve solo debes de esperar q lo actualizen al 7.8

  • Leo Tabares

    Update to new 7.8 with new champions please

  • Teemo Titolino

    Dont work at new client .

    • Carlos Martim Panda

      ^ This. Just this. Only problem to me.

  • Thresh Dark Star

    Don’t have the DJ Sona Skin… Why ? :/

    • Press Poker – PS3

      becuz u retard

      • Thresh Dark Star

        Yeah. How You. :3

  • Dominykas Kalinauskas

    XD its not working its a troll guys

  • René ‘Dick’artes

    Super Galaxy Rumble has a bugged Q.
    The flames are invisible.
    Also the ult is invisible

    Anyone know how to solve this?

    • Unsolvable unless the creator decides to fix it

  • Petar Stankovic

    this stupid skin preview is shit
    whole game crashes because of this shit

  • qqq

    can u update this shit its annoying

  • sda

    Skin prewiew not allowed! what ?

  • Thiago Rodrigues

    Do not work with new client