Skin Preview – All League Skins For free

Skin Preview – All League Skins For free

For those who have are looking for good alternative to Mk LoL or just want to install custom skins via category without downloading them, Skin Preview is a great choice. You get to install Loading screens, HUDs and Customs skins + all riot skins that you want to install all for free without any cost.

  • The program is not breaking any terms of service, so its all legal/legit to use and Riot won’t ban you (Riot Might have changed their stance however)
  • It’s rather lightweight on the background and doesn’t eat too much resources
  • Seems to be very functioning since it doesn’t crash or anything, but is bit slower to choose X skin than Mk LoL
  • Lets you pick your own loading screen pictures and upload them, very cool system
  • May ask you to repair / check your LoL files sometimes after use, standard precedure with every mod that swaps files
  • You have to update Skin Preview after every patch

If you want to try Skin Preview you can download it from the attachment or get it from their personal website too. If any questions come up you can leave them on the comments below regarding the program, note i’m not the creator so there is limited answers i can give you. Don’t ask me to fix shit, im not the creator, if you can’t make it work look into ModSkin LoL 



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