Skin Submission Guidelines


Skin Submission Guidelines

We here at MobaSkins believe in quality skins. Each skin submitted to our website will undergo a validation process before being approved and posted to the main website. This will reduce the amount of troll posts and bad quality / not working skins in our database and allows us to offer the best possible service for our user base. We have two types of submission models:

If you are looking to become an approved artist, please send an email to  from now on we take submissions via Facebook since the normal email has been filled with spam and nothing can be browsed via it sadly.

  • Freelancer – You’re able to submit your skins to our database which will go through a validation process before being approved and getting posted to the site. This process should take at most 24-48h depending on how many submissions we have. Ideally, we want the process to be much faster than that.
  • Approved Artist – You have been selected as an approved artist who is able to post skins without moderation and is able to tailor your own posts as you like with promotion links (such as Facebook, Twitter or even PayPal donation link to support your work). Each approved artist will be taught how to use our submission system.

What Must Each Submission Contain?

There are certain guidelines that have to be met for your submission to be approved. Read the bullet points carefully to understand what each submission has to contain.

  • In-game Pictures – Each submission must have at least 2 in-game pictures of the skin, preferably even more than that. If it has custom splash art, please include an image out of that too. Images should be as large as possible and a minimum of 500×500.
  • Physical File – We need the skin itself in a RAR/ZIP file so we can test that it works and that there are no problems. Also we keep the copy in case download links die so we can re-upload it.
  • Text Information – We need to know author name, which default skin(s) the custom skin will be replacing, additional credits and possible information about special installing.
  • Video (Optional) – If you have a video showcasing the skin we would really appreciate linking that to your submission as well.

We also want you to make your skin 100% finished before submitting it. In case you do need to update your skin you must send another email to our staff to get it sorted out. Already approved submissions will be prioritized over new submissions of course. 

If a skin is broken or doesn’t work at all you will be given a deadline to fix the approved submission. If the deadline isn’t met the submission will be deleted or trashed from our system. When a Champion gets a visual update, we will remove the outdated skins from the skin category (They will still exist in our database though).

Stuff That We Won’t Approve

We have a few rules regarding the skin submissions, since we don’t want to piss off Google adsense or other possible partners we might acquire in the future. We want to keep it clean and SFW mostly. Remember that these are once again case by case and we make exceptions to these rules when we see it fit, so don’t be afraid to submit.

  • No Pornographic Skins – Anything that is fully naked is considered pornographic, but as long as the character has clothing we can allow it. These submissions go heavily case by case, but we encourage you to inquire about your submission and whether it may be approved or not.
  • Low Quality Recolors – Such as painting the skin fully red or pink is not a quality skin by our standards. We usually encourage submitters to do more than Hue/Saturation changes, but each submission will once again be case by case.
  • Too Minor Changes to Original Skin – Things such as changing only the colour of Yasuo’s sword or Katarina’s hair are too minor changes and thus the skin is not considered original. If you feel your submission has ton of customization we encourage you to ask us whether it’s enough or not.
  • Extremely Offensive Skins – If a skin is considered extremely provocative/racist we probably won’t approve it.

Where Do I Submit?

Currently all submissions will be done by an email, send them all to please do not flood the email by sending multiple emails, just make sure you have everything in your first submission. Follow the guidelines above for which stuff you must include in your skin/UI submission. Submissions via Facebook

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