Space Marine Garen

Space Marine Garen

A part three to my other two 40k themed skins, Commissar Vi and Warboss Sion, I present Space Marine Garen, in the immediately recognizable Ultramarines colors. I debated between Blood Ravens and Ultramarines and Ultramarines won, purely because Titus>Boreale. SPEHS MAHREENS!

This is my favorite so far, and an ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS amount of handcrafting went into this. Basically the entire texture but the face, the cloth bits, and part of the chest had to be completely drawn from scratch. The glint map, which determines what the specular map interacts with and how much (basically its what makes things varying levels of shiny) also had to be completely handmade since everything was changed.

It even has all new particles. Theres a non-dds colormap in the particles folder I can’t edit so there is ONE PARTICLE that is driving me insane that is the wrong color, but I’ll live. All in all, it came out pretty damn well.

In case you haven’t installed skins before or having other issues with the skin you can check out the Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) guide from here –

Additional Information

  • Created by Ironangel2k2
  • Replaces Default Garen Skin
  • New Particles







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