Special Forces Rengar Chroma Pack

Special Forces Rengar

Hey guys, I made this Chroma Pack, which includes 3 skins! 😀 I hope you like it as I do!

Skins included: Arctic Ops Rengar, Tactical Rengar, Desert Trooper Rengar

Come visit me on my youtube channel, maybe you’ll find something you like 😀

Check out the Custom Skin Installation guide here – http://mobaskins.com/installing-custom-skins/

Additional information

  • Replaces Night Hunter Skin and Default Skin (Hoodless for the Classic Skin)
  • Has custom Loading Screen
  • Has custom Particles
  • Skin Created by Racno


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Skin Aritst at MobaSkins
Everyone calls me Racno, but you can call me Eddie (or even Ed if you like). I've been playing League of Legends for 3 years now, and begun making skin recolors one year ago, but I hope to improve, learning remodelling and creating .skn and .skl files so I can create my own skins. I hope you like my works, and if you do you can follow me to my Youtube channel. If you don't like my works please comment and tell me what can I do to improve, every constructive comment is well accepted. Have a good day guys

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