Spidermumu v2

skin_1445165286_760px_67153_1.jpg'Spidermumu v2

I removed his particles because I don’t like the other skins using spiderwebs, and I think the standard particles fit the theme well enough. If you want the particles I suggest using Asyrus’s skin.¬† In the screenshot I provided a comparison of Asyrus’s Spidey vs mine. I hope you like it. I also provided it with a very funny loadingscreen using several images from the web and shopping them into one. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0d13IG6oTNGOEZEYW9MaG5jaVE

Also check out how to install skins at here http://mobaskins.com/installing-custom-skins/

Additional Information

  • Updates the particles from old one
  • Created by Asyrus & mundonator
  • Includes loading screen





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