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Frozen Rift

Frozen Rift Frozen Rift is the most massive custom map skin in history of League of Legends. Previously named “Ice Rift”, this map reskin got almost complete texture overhaul as well as some new...


Custom HUD fonts

This is a very small extension of Classic HUD Project – Custom HUD fonts. There are 4 separate font mods (only one of them can be installed at time) that feature four different fonts...


Classic HUD Project

Classic League Of Legends HUD This is a Classic HUD skin for League of legends for those who liked the old settings and stuff that existed in the past. There might be some problems...


Classic HUD skins

Classic HUD skins First of all I want to warn you that this is not old HUD. Classic HUD skin (where the key word is “skin”) is a small redesign of new updated HUD...


Unholy Tahm Kench

Like with Ekko that recieved dark-red themed recolor (Forsaken Ekko) I decided to do similar recolor for Tahm Kench. Basically this recolor is a little bit more than chroma-pack that contains only one tint...


Pool Party icons – Rek’Sai & Zac

Pool Party is not that great when you have completely different colors on HUD and ingame. Pretty green Zac icons with totally blue-cyan great skin feels contradicting to eachother. I decided to make a...


Kassadin Extended Visual Update

Kassadin Extended Visual Update Hey, this is a quadra-reskin, or 4-in-1 small texture mod, that slighty alters Kassadin textures on most of his skins, excluding Pre-Void one. Main goal was to make them fit...


Ice Rift v3 – now with gates!

This is a very small update to Ice Rift map texture overhaul that includes not so many changes, but some of them are based on feedback. For example I could agree that Ice Rift...


Ice Rift v2.0

  After receiving feedback I want to present you Ice Rift v2 – an update that brings better contrast and fixes some texture problems.


Ice Rift v0.1

Ice Rift v0.1 Hey League of Legends community. Some days ago CarlozPawNproZ did Winter Summoner’s Rift map reskin, as community requested. I’ve managed to understand how it is “easy” to reskin entire map with...


Darker Rek’Sai (base skin)

Darker Rek’Sai Hey all. Here is another small edit of default Rek’Sai skin. Iv’e tried to make her look a bit more serious, maybe more realistic, or after all – just less saturated and...


Ravenborn Azir

Ravenborn Azir One color scheme was not used for any of previous Azir skins – turquoise with some blue’ish metallic elements. While doing this skin, I’ve experimented with some transparent parts of Azir and his...


Tzeentch Azir

Tzeentch Azir Hey guys. Here is another recolor & retexture of basic Azir skin. This time I’ve tried to make it close to Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines. While previous Chaos Azir skin featured...


Dark Captain Azir

Dark Captain Azir While doing this recolor, the main goal was to create dark version of Captain Azir, by recoloring him into grey and red colors, keeping stars and updated textures. This recolor contains...


Necrontyr Azir

Necrontyr Azir Necrons are one race in Warhammer 40k universe (Authors Favorite), so here you can see a bit more than just recolor for basic Azir skin. This skin is a bit more than...

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