Tiara Katarina

Tiara Katarina

Project name for this skin is Katiara or just simply Tiara Katarina. Very customized skin; includes custom splash art loading screen, Icons inside the game and outside the game, New particles. Among the textures are really high resolution, hence the higher size than usual.

Since wishes of King-Nyan there won’t be Skin Installer Ultimate (SIU) installation, you have to download zip down below and run the .exe program, make no mistake its virus free.

Additional Information

  • Includes Custom Icons out & in-game
  • Replaces Default Katarina Skin
  • Custom Splash Art at Loading screen
  • New Pre-loaded Particles
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  • Arekkisu


    • md5, might be the key not sure. Going to ask nyan…

  • qiang wang

    password?can you tell me?

    • does “md5” work?

      • qiang wang

        it doesn’t work,can you get the corret password?thanks

  • Ayyy

    F-FF-T14R4-31 is the passcode.

    • qiang wang

      thank you

  • 1lessproblem

    I installed it correctly with the passcode, but I can’t see the skin in game. Please help

  • can i use it to replace other skins, like kitty or snow? and if yes, how?

  • it doesnt work,. i installed with the passcode, but it wont work

  • flamingskull


  • Anonymous

    For those that are saying the skin doesn’t work, the installer simply extracts the skin’s files on to your desktop. You have to import the files extracted on to your desktop in to Skin Installer Ultimate and install in order for this skin to work!

  • Du Couteau

    Sorry for bothering 🙁 but I haven’t been able to replace my Merc Kat skin with Tiara, and I’m starting to give up. I know it says in your information that Tiara replaces default Kat, but is there any way around it?

    • Sorry for late reply, but it seems this skin is no longer working, until King Nyan decides to update it

  • Takiwara Rúffy

    Somehow my computer says that this is a virus…

  • George

    Hey man I have a problem… I installed the skin and everything and the splash art looks cool, but in game the skin is actually “flying”. I mean, she’s not touching the ground and it is a bit bugged. What can I do to solve this?