Vendetta Twisted Fate

TwistedFate_Splash_0Vendetta Twisted Fate

One of the best movies ever made by the way, which i would suggest checking out would be V for Vendetta. But lets talk about the actual skin, so its based on twisted fate and pretty much has black theme as the original character from movie wears among with the iconic mask. This skin includes a splash art to match the skin, but no custom particles are included however.

If you haven’t installed Custom Skins before please go to this article for more information how to –

Additional Information

  • Created by GreyPilgrim
  • Replaces Default Twisted Fate Skin
  • Includes Custom Splash Art






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  • Walter Eligos

    The splash art shows skin while the in game does not. So I took the liberty to change the splash art, making it from scratch. The skin in game looks too good to not have a better splash art to go along with it.

  • Walter Eligos

    The splash art shows actual skin on the chest while in game does not. I took the liberty to create from scratch an improved splash art. Hope the original does not mind,

    • Christian Ashcroft

      OOO Nice man! I like it a lot! Glad you liked it enough to recreate it 😀