Venom Zac

Venom Zac ( no green glow )

Venom Zac by Saferi4

This is an old skin that I made along time ago sadly it had this green glow then and I had no idea how to remove it but now I saw some of my skins and well I saw this comment on my Zac skin on how to remove the glow 😀 Creddits go to Hoogy from Leaguecraft and allso maybe added little stuff to make if finished 😀 Have fun on the fields of justice .NOTE: It has splash art but I was lazy to take the picture :P.Venom Zac


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  • Trickster

    Hey you said you only upload the best skins but this skin is looking bad in my opinion anyways nice other skins keep up the good work 🙂

    • Steel Legion Garen

      well what didnt you not like about the skin I saw allot of comments wanting this skin if you have some ideas maybe I can (will) add them if I find free time 😛

  • ImPrídestalker

    Holy Shit.

    This skin may make me buy Zac to use this skin.
    Awesome job dude!

  • the zac main

    hey dude why not take the special waepon skin from zac as a model xd it would be eaven more awsome ^^