Welcome to a review out of another 3rd party app, this time we have good alternative to SIU called Wooxy. While it offers similar features to SIU i think it has one feature that is better, which is changing map skins (Top of this is lot faster than SIU and seems to be working more fluently to be honest). This program was made by Chewy / Yurixy and full credits shall go to them for the app. This program was lastly patched on February 15th, 2016.

If you are interested trying out the Frozen Rift Map you can download it from here http://mobaskins.com/?p=2281

Legal to use?

Wooxy is only able to install cosmetic changes to the game, it will never change other files to give unfair advantage to players. Hence Riot will have no problems you using the program

Is it a virus?

If you are getting virus claims from browser or antivirus, these warnings are false positives. Wooxy doesn’t contain any viruses and will never install 3rd party software in your computer, nor collect data or any info from your computer.


  • Install Custom Skins
  • Install Custom Maps
  • Install Custom Wards
  • Makes sure that the game doesn’t crash while using installed skins
  • It has only its own extension files called .wxy which can be installed among zip files

You can download the program from here http://www.mediafire.com/download/z7b1pq6r4kgdmf2/Wooxy_1_3_0_0_Setup.zip

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  • I’m sorry to say that this program does not belong to you. It was made by Chewy of mapskins.com. I currently work on mapskins, and this has completely driven me away from EVER using your site again.

    • I never claimed i owned the program. I will changed yurixys name to chewy to assign proper credits