This simple recolor of base Rek’Sai skin features Zerg race from StarCraft 2. Due to some similarities between new Void champion Rek’Sai and Zerg race from StarCraft, like burrowed regeneration like Zerg Roach and some similarities with Hydralisk head, I’ve decided to make a simple recolor of base skin from purple-cyan color theme into brown-orange one with white claws and teeth. And another core difference from basic skin is eyes. Yes, this zergy creature must have eyes!

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Additional Information

  • Skin created by Existor
  • Replaces default Rek’Sai Skin
  • Particles and textures are recolored into brown-orange color theme
  • Inspiration – Zerg from StarCraft 2
  • Wallpaper




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  • someDude that played starcraft

    Damn, inredibly well done! Looks like a mixture of Swarmhost and Lurker 😀 Almost forces me to play SC2 again

  • austin

    the texture doesn’t apply in the right places so rek’sai looks like a mashup of something, any suggestions on how to fix this?